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Universal – Oct 24 2018

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Clues Answers
“Chill, dude” RELAX
“Don’t bet ___!” ONIT
“Downsizing” star DAMON
“What’s more …” ALSO
“___ and Otis” (animal film) MILO
“___ you nuts?” ARE
All guys HES
Arran or Skye, e.g ISLE
Augur OMEN
Before in “there” ERE
Border lake ERIE
Boston ___ Party TEA
Broadside from a battleship SALVO
Certain solo ARIA
Cheese variety FETA
Collection of sayings ANA
Connecting point NODE
Criticize meanly ABASH
Dealing with the aftermath FACINGTHEMUSIC
Director’s place BEHINDTHESCENES
Early anesthesia ETHER
Excessively dry areas DESERTS
External boundary AMBIT
Formations in 28-Across DUNES
Frighten SCARE
Garment under a garment SLIP
Genealogy structure TREE
Groove in a dirt road RUT
Halley’s and others COMETS
How young kids live RENTFREE
Jordanian, e.g ARAB
Lack of social norms ANOMIE
Like improbable tales TALL
Like some farewells FOND
Like some negotiations TENSE
Magic medicine ELIXIR
Named previously ABOVEMENTIONED
Natural fertilizer GUANO
Nectar chaser BEE
New heart recipient DONEE
Number with “top” TEN
Optional components ADDONS
Pale in the face ASHEN
Perform incorrectly MISDO
Performed DID
Pirate’s taking SWAG
Plant-to-be SEED
Poet Sexton ANNE
Press an odometer button RESET
Range roamer STEER
Recipe abbr TSP
Scorer on serves ACER
Serving both men and women COED
Shade of green NILE
Shangri-la kin EDEN
Software test BETA
Some jacket fabrics TWEEDS
Spots SEES
Stuff to crunch DATA
Take ___ to (like) ASHINE
Teeth-cleaning stuff PASTE
The IRS, famously TAXER
Tied or tethered BOUND
Trebek with the answers ALEX
Trudge through mud SLOG
Uncle’s girl NIECE
Variety of 35-Across ICED
Viewpoint page OPED
Vital gun parts TRIGGERS
Water blockers DAMS
Way-tiny quantities IOTAS
Word with “cold” or “ice” CREAM
Words with “a positive note” ENDON