Universal – Oct 25 2018

Clues Answers
“I’m ___ one to boast” NOT
Animated Flanders NED
Asian waist tie OBI
Balancing stick CANE
Ballfield covers TARPS
Barista’s place CAFE
Be volcanic SPEW
Bendy exercise YOGA
Biggest heart? ACE
Branch location TREE
Bribe for a deejay PAYOLA
Bridge fastener RIVET
Certain dir ENE
Chafes RUBS
Coated cupcakes ICED
Come to, in math EQUAL
Common school abbr TECH
Coral mass REEF
Crab cooker POT
Crowd total, it’s said THREE
Decelerates SLOWS
Defrosts WARMS
Diner, e.g EATERY
Dr. J’s first league ABA
Early software version BETA
Egg makers HENS
Exhausts, as energy SAPS
Expend, as energy EXERT
Face-and-torso likeness BUST
Finishes arguing a case RESTS
Former map letters USSR
French vineyard CRU
Goofy and clumsy OAFISH
Got muscular (with “up”) TONED
Harbor vessel SCOW
Horse race gait TROT
Hotel’s back passage SERVICEENTRANCE
How to repeat a grade FAIL
Kathmandu currency RUPEE
Labor ideal UNITY
Like Hammer pants, now RETRO
Lucre PELF
Made colors change DYED
Mail conveniences POSTOFFICEBOXES
Marine eagle ERNE
Montana copper town BUTTE
More evasive and tricky SLIER
Mountaineering tool PITON
Munitions storehouses ARSENALS
Neck warmer STOLE
Nigh? Not hardly AFAR
Nimble-fingered ADEPT
Not well-behaved BAD
Ocean-diving bird AUK
Passe preposition UNTO
Piedmont province ASTI
Plow pullers OXEN
Pool shade AQUA
Prefix with “rust” or “trust” ANTI
Put back, editorially STET
Really intrigued by INTO
Recipient of some lottery funds PUBLICEDUCATION
Sampler TASTER
Scottish cop LAWAGENT
Season of atonement LENT
Share borders ABUT
Social levels STRATA
Still in shrink-wrap UNUSED
Stopping points ENDS
Stored grain ENSILED
Thing on display EXHIBIT
Ticket remainder STUB
Type of liquor MALT
U-turn from laughed WEPT
Vandalized, as a car KEYED

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