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Universal – Oct 26 2018

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Clues Answers
“A la” follower CARTE
“All ___ being equal …” ELSE
“Hands off me!” LETGO
“It’s been ___ pleasure …” AREAL
“Neur” stick-on OTIC
“___-di-dah!” LAH
100 pounds x 20 TON
16-year-old’s activity? WISHINGONACAR
Anagram of colt CLOT
Army prayer? PADRE
Beach pickups SUNTANS
Boxer’s “Back off!” GRR
British blackjack COSH
Celebrated RENOWNED
Certain citrus garden ORANGERY
Champs Elysees eateries CAFES
Chills, as 54-Across ICES
Chop in a kitchen MINCE
Class reunion attendee ALUM
Coffee bar option LATTE
Common pop COLA
CPA’s suggestion IRA
Curative place SPA
Cutting in carpentry SAWING
Dashboard inits MPH
Dastardly guy CAD
Dead set against ANTI
Doesn’t just want NEEDS
Dress to impress PREEN
Eggs, in science class OVA
Express agreement ASSENT
Eyelid problem STY
Floating on high ALOFT
Footballer’s wear HELMET
Ginger drink ALE
Go bad ROT
Go ___ the deep end INOFF
Gp. with doctors HMO
Healthier HALER
Highbrow bookish types LITERATI
Instruct morally EDIFY
Jewish leader RABBI
Juvenile newt EFT
Kind of American or son NATIVE
Lament loudly SOB
Like gas that just sits there INERT
Mathematician Blaise PASCAL
More than satisfy SATIATE
Mysterious stuff ARCANA
Name on elevators OTIS
Nine-grain alternative RYE
One of a clicking pair CASTANET
Place for pro Ducks ARENA
Playground staples SWINGS
Possessed, biblically HADST
Pronounce UTTER
Provide a big address ORATE
Sandler of films ADAM
Sentence part NOUN
Serious shortfall DEARTH
Skin removers PARERS
Slangy turndown NAH
Social-page word NEE
Stolen auto victim’s lament? CARBEITFROMME
Suffix with “serpent” INE
Supped ATE
Swimming distance LAP
Tracy’s Trueheart TESS
Union members’ enemies SCABS
Very small quantity IOTA
Why the auto no longer votes? CARLEFTPOLITICS
Wreck remains DEBRIS
Yellow stick OLEO
___ kwon do TAE