Universal – Oct 27 2018

Clues Answers
” ___ the ramparts …” OER
“Friends” cast member COX
“Grand” sports event SLAM
“How awful” ALAS
“This Is Us” airer NBC
“Wanted” poster letters AKA
A Disney company ESPN
Away from shore ASEA
Baby rocker CRADLE
Biblical father of twins ISAAC
Boxer Spinks LEON
Branch of social psychology GROUPDYNAMICS
Brazilian port RIO
Calculated simply? ADDED
Chases away, as flies SHOOS
Compass heading ENE
Constructed a yarn SPUN
Decorates ADORNS
Downloadable program APP
Dress a judge? ENROBE
Extinguish, as a flame DOUSE
Fast grass SOD
Flanders or Devine NED
Frequent joke setting BAR
Gaelic language ERSE
Group of three TRIO
Id complements EGOS
In its ___ (replacing) STEAD
Instill with spiritual awareness ENSOUL
Kenyan’s neighbor SOMALI
Leary’s drug LSD
Like some aspirations LOFTY
Lively baroque dance GIGUE
Lost and perplexed DISORIENTATED
Lustrous material SATIN
Made perfectly level TRUED
Menacing snake ASP
Money can wipe it out DEBT
Muslim holy men IMAMS
Mythical Olympus being GOD
Needing more room PRESSEDFORSPACE
Not returnable ASIS
One of Columbus’ three NINA
Order member SISTER
Popular podcast SERIAL
Portable PC LAPTOP
Put up with unpleasantries ABIDE
Quick sleep NAP
Repeated dance word CHA
Set of communal beliefs ETHOS
Shaving mishaps NICKS
Sierra ___ LEONE
Sleep vertically? ROOST
Sleeper in a hammock, e.g IDLER
So-so link AND
Soup tin CAN
Spanish stewlike dish PAELLA
Spell of forgetfulness LAPSE
Stone Mountain figure LEE
Suffix for “Israel” ITE
The 400-plus of Congress REPS
Tip jar bill ONE
Tolkien creatures ORCS
Tree-graft site NODE
Unit of advice PIECE
Urkel, for one NERD
Use, as energy EXPEND
Versatility list USES
Vigorous style ELAN
Was an extreme adventurer PUSHEDTHELIMITS
Woody fiber BAST
___ Hall University SETON
___ mode ALA
“Saturday Night Fever” setting DISCO

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