Universal – Oct 28 2018

Clues Answers
“Absolutely!” YES
“Addams Family” cousin ITT
“America’s Got Talent” features ACTS
“Presto!” relative VOILA
“Snowy” wader EGRET
“___ alia” (among other things) INTER
Actor Le Blanc MATT
Agendum, e.g ITEM
Agronomists study it SOIL
Attack word to a dog SIC
Awaits in the darkness LURKS
Be amused with 18-Across TICKLEYOURFUNNY
Bhutan neighbor ASSAM
Bit of dogma TENET
Bits of cockpit info ETAS
Borscht ingredients BEETS
Bygone Ford model PINTO
Caustic drain substance LYE
Climber’s spike PITON
Comic’s quickies ONELINERS
Consumes HAS
Creator of Pym POE
Cruising between continents ASEA
Dale Cooper’s org FBI
Decay ROT
Defame ABASE
Descend SINK
Disinfectant brand LYSOL
Editor’s “Let it stay” STET
Emotionless STOIC
Entirely untidy MESSY
Feature of James Bond SUAVENESS
Fire ___ (gem) OPAL
Flag with a plural 18-Across SKULLANDCROSS
Genesis victim ABEL
Greek war god ARES
Have to retrieve extra copies OVERISSUE
Himalayan cryptid YETI
Intestinal blockage ILEUS
La ___ University (Philly) SALLE
Like squid squirts INKY
Make a pig of oneself GORGE
Mass recess? APSE
Morning moisture DEW
Muddy home STY
Mugs, essentially CUPS
Nearly priceless fiddle AMATI
Nosh EAT
Nurse Barton CLARA
Old Finnish coin PENNI
Old torpedo launcher UBOAT
Otherwise IFNOT
Pet peeves with 18-Across SOFCONTENTION
Plane in Paris AVION
Plastic ___ Band ONO
Portion of a monopolist ALL
Pro number cruncher CPA
Property seller’s temp arrangement LEASEBACK
Riotous bunch MOB
Rise abruptly SKYROCKET
Rodeo staple LASSO
Sailor’s arresting cry? AVAST
Seven, one way VII
Slapstick food props PIES
Snow coaster SLED
Son in Genesis ESAU
Soothing botanical ALOE
Start of a Mexican cheer VIVA
Suspended tracks CABLEWAYS
That sailing vessel HER
Three-pointers TREYS
Tiptop rating AONE
Viticultural valley NAPA
Ward of Bruce Wayne ROBIN
Word gone from the theme answers BONE
Young lady GIRL
Zodiac roarer LEO

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