Universal – Oct 29 2018

Clues Answers
“But wait, there’s ___!” MORE
“Cogito ___ sum” ERGO
“Harry Potter” name DRACO
A long way from salty SWEET
And others, for short ETAL
Argentine grassland PAMPAS
Bar conveniences STOOLS
Barcelona bills EUROS
Before in Cinderella? ERE
Bell-shaped flower SEGO
Below, in old poetry NEATH
Beyond ___ pale THE
Bring a cow into the world CALVE
Calm down ABATE
Certain Arab OMANI
Chilean range ANDES
Circulation improver COMPRESSIONSOCK
Civil wrongdoing TORT
Clean, as a pipe REAM
Competing team SIDE
Con activities SHAMS
Cookie brand OREO
Cuyahoga Valley National Park locale OHIO
Daytime TV offering SOAP
Do a little housework SWEEP
Does an office chore SHREDS
Dude kin HOMIE
Equipped to fly ALAR
Eschewing sandals WALKINGBAREFOOT
Even if, cut ALTHO
Exam variety ORAL
Fairy tale monster OGRE
Fast on one’s feet SWIFT
Genetic info source RNA
Geometric calculation AREA
Glass sheet PANE
Gulp relative SWIG
Ingrown heir? SCION
It may cross a boulevard STREET
Kind of track GOKART
Lenya of “Cabaret” LOTTE
Like you, but not snakes TOED
Little bits TADS
Lotion ingredient ALOE
Make dice work ROLL
Michael Jackson musical (with “The”) WIZ
Milky coffee drink LATTE
Much, hyphened OFT
Not as well ILLER
Noted Fitzgerald ELLA
Out of order AMISS
Pot-caught fishes EELS
Powder in bathrooms TALC
Prepares for long drive TEESUP
Present opener? EVER
React to water and sun GROW
Regretting RUING
Satirical performers SPOOFERS
Senate’s counterpart HOUSE
Shakespearean king LEAR
Smart-alecky PERT
Sullen, moody displays SULKS
Tablet relative PILL
Tannish color ECRU
Thanksgiving shade MAIZE
Thin roofing layer TARPAPER
Toboggan SLED
Valuable deposit ORE
Very hard to collect RARE
Very upset IRATE
Washed-out WAN
Word with “van” or “skirt” MINI
Zips or zeros NILS

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