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Universal – Oct 30 2018

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Clues Answers
“Just ___” (“just my thoughts”) SAYING
“Scaled-down” number from a doctor? YOURIDEALWEIGHT
“The Avengers” dude STEED
1/6 of an ounce (Abbr.) TSP
1492 vessel NINA
29-Across, sometimes ONES
A food fish SCUP
Acquires GETS
Agave family member YUCCA
Arrow relative DART
Atlas section ASIA
Attempt STAB
Ballet legend Rudolf NUREYEV
Bank award? INTEREST
Beak relative SNOUT
Big? Yes, but more HUGE
Bygone Chevy VEGA
Catch on to GRASP
Causes yawning BORES
Certain aristocrat BARON
Colored eye part UVEA
Corn remains COB
Course concluder, often EXAM
Cruise or Sizemore TOM
Double negative NONO
Driver’s license, e.g IDCARD
Dude or chap relative BUB
Eagle variety ERNE
Embraces HUGS
Ex-lax? TAUT
Exodus commemoration SEDER
Food fish, quite a few SCAD
Forms opinions DEEMS
Hit with stones PELTED
Horned zoo creature RHINO
Hot wine concoction NEGUS
Impact sound WHAM
Iolcos-launched ship ARGO
Ireland, in Ireland EIRE
Japanese comics MANGA
Japanese floor cover TATAMI
Leading AHEAD
Loire city NANTES
Love craft of classic TV BOAT
Luxurious resorts SPAS
Make godlike DEIFY
Menu words ALA
One way to walk alongside STRIDEFORSTRIDE
Original as a 48-Down? No TRITE
Painter of his mother WHISTLER
Peron and Gabor EVAS
Pony gait TROT
Prefix for extremists ULTRA
Prefix for the opposition ANTI
Put things together ADD
Singing Etheridge MELISSA
Skinniest twins? ENS
Skirt heater IRON
Some fraternity characters NUS
Some whales ORCAS
Sore feeling ACHE
Symptom with a big chill AGUE
Take off in a hurry HIE
The Devil SATAN
Turkish title AGHA
Type of cup DIXIE
U.S. rocket letters NASA
Vegas bullets ACES
Was introduced to MET
Was sick AILED
Wattle relative DEWLAP
What Simon does SAYS
Word before “after” EVER
Words with “a high note” ENDON