Universal – Oct 31 2018

Clues Answers
“Comin’ ___ the Rye” THRO
“So long” in Italy CIAO
A polite address MAAM
Active, as “the game” AFOOT
Alien mover UFO
Angel costume part HALO
Any starting MLB team NONET
Author Blyton ENID
Bawl but good SOB
Big name in pop music ADELE
Blue-green CYAN
Bright, as a student APT
Calorie-stuffed RICH
Category KIND
Cosmetics ingredient ALOE
Desert watering spot OASIS
Do Huntington Beach SURF
Dress for many SARI
Dude? Close HOMIE
Election contest RACE
Field goal attempt KICK
Gilbert of TV SARA
Golfer’s necessity TEE
Grain storage buildings SILOS
Highs? No, U-turn LOWS
House pooch’s scrap ORT
Hunts and gathers CULLS
Hymenopteran critter ANT
It must be tired to go CAR
Late ’20s architecture style DECO
List-ending abbr ETAL
Lovingly potty train a boy? CARETHEPANTSOFF
Lovingly provide horrible nursing? CAREHALFTODEATH
Mark on a road SKID
Mattress stuffing KAPOK
Mexican parties FIESTAS
Mongolia’s ___ Bator ULAN
More frost-covered ICIER
Muse of history CLIO
Nicholas II’s title TSAR
Not foreign LOCAL
Not quite right AMISS
Not sure IFFY
Office fetcher GOFER
Old Tokyo EDO
On a hard drive STORED
One with will power? LEGATEE
Opportunity maker? NASA
Oz lover’s Halloween outfit? CARECROWCOSTUME
Perform, if you’re 575 DOETH
Picked hairstyle AFRO
Pouchlike body parts SACS
Pours rain TEEMS
Pressure in a forecast BAROMETRIC
Red Sea peninsula SINAI
Romantic flower ROSE
Roof type for many THATCH
Santa Claus’ shaving mishap? NICK
Sign of an old bumper RUST
Slow-moving tree beast SLOTH
Some machine settings OFFS
Spanish dessert wine MALAGA
Spirited horse ARAB
Spoken exam ORAL
Test 5-Down DEMO
Testing versions BETAS
Too dumb to consider INANE
Turkish big wheel AGHA
Type of sauce SOY
Unlike a gracious loser SORE
Valuable possession ASSET
Very greedy with grub GLUTTONOUS
Walk heavily PLOD
Went against, as a pitcher FACED
What the risky stick out NECK
With the most wisdom SAGEST
Word separating business hours TIL

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