Universal – Oct 4 2018

Clues Answers
“… with ___ in sight” NOEND
“Ars Amatoria” writer OVID
“Graph” attachment PARA
A Mercedes-Benz type SLS
Also mention ADD
Animal backs DORSA
Armadillo’s plate SCUTE
Be a noisy sleeper SNORE
Be clumsy DROP
Behind everyone else LAST
Big name in auto parts NAPA
Bone receptacles OSSUARIES
Brownish color ECRU
Burden ONUS
Carpet variety SHAG
Columbian craft NINA
Conquest of Caesar GAUL
Country instrument FIDDLE
Cut into deeply ETCH
Dance with dips SAMBA
E.R. fluids SERA
Extinct bird DODO
Gave a performer her due APPLAUDED
Gave medicine to DOSED
Get ready, casually PREP
Gore and Roker ALS
Had scallops ATE
Hair salon action SNIP
Heretofore ASYET
Hieroglyphics snakes ASPS
Honey-colored AMBER
How to leave Vegas AHEAD
In ___ (attuned) SYNC
Incandescent AGLOW
Indian bread NAAN
Inquiry with “pretty” PLEASE
It gives a shoot AMMO
Lather, ___, repeat RINSE
Like crazy-wild fans RABID
Like sunbaked land ARID
List unit ITEM
Loud laugh ROAR
Matched an “I do” WED
Metallic fabrics LAMES
Mob scene RIOT
Monopoly piece CAR
Not in town AWAY
Obviously self-righteous SMUG
Opinion measurer POLL
Pet sounds WOOFS
Plains Indian OSAGE
Prefix with “trust” ANTI
Purple willow, e.g OSIER
Quarreled FEUDED
Restrain STOP
Shevat follower ADAR
Somber song DIRGE
Symbol of hardness NAILS
The Buckeye State OHIO
Tools for the organized LABELDISPENSERS
Top off the tank GASUP
U-turn from chicken BRAVE
Very sudden ABRUPT
View from a pew APSE
What a klutz is not ADROIT
Whispered cut-in PSST
Word with “blood” or “math” TEST
Word with “dotted” LINE
X or Y 34-Down AXIS
Yesteryear kin YORE
Your Majesty or madam, e.g TITLEOFRESPECT
___ Rica COSTA
___ tunnel syndrome CARPAL

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