Universal – Oct 4 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“Deck the Halls” contraction TIS
“Just Do It,” for one SLOGAN
“Nothing ___ matters” ELSE
*”I’m well-suited for formal events,” e.g.? CLOTHESPUN
*Day of the Dead decoration collection? SKULLSET
*Ice cream, popsicles, etc.? FROZENSTUFF
*March for Victorian values? PRUDEPARADE
*Piece for cellist Ma and a friend? YOYODUET
After expenses NET
Annoying bark YAP
Bang, as a toe STUB
Belonging to us OUR
Big vase URN
Blog feed initials RSS
BP acquisition of 1998 AMOCO
Bread buy LOAF
Brownish pear BOSC
Came to a close ENDED
Clementine or lime, e.g CITRUS
Commercial lead-in to “bank” CITI
Compound often prefixed with poly- URETHANE
Dalai ___ LAMA
Dance in 3/4 time WALTZ
Dark brew STOUT
Dates regularly SEES
Distressed FRETFUL
Enigmatic messages CIPHERS
Equal (with) ONPAR
Extinguish with water DOUSE
Flawed protagonist ANTIHERO
Growing need? SEED
Gull relative TERN
Hourly pay WAGE
Icy coating FROST
Insulting remark SLUR
It can be crude OIL
Kim, to Khloe or Kourtney, informally SIS
Kitchen gadget brand OXO
Leave out OMIT
Like music turned up to 11 LOUD
Madre’s brothers TIOS
Mister, in Mexico SENOR
Moody offshoot of punk EMO
More achy SORER
Most convinced SUREST
Nintendo console WII
Northeastern sch. that Lady Gaga attended NYU
One who knows if you’re out? UMP
Overly hasty RASH
Pants’ upper measurement WAIST
Prefix with “gender” TRANS
Pump purchase GAS
Read between the lines INFER
Reigns RULES
Revered person IDOL
Ring-shaped island ATOLL
Rocker Turner’s 1986 memoir ITINA
Secretly loop in BCC
See 27-Across EXAM
Shades of color TONES
Sherlock Holmes’ creator DOYLE
Sofa bed relative FUTON
Start of some advice, and a homophonic hint to the swap behind each starred clue’s answer IFIWEREYOU
Steep rock face CLIFF
Storm tracker RADAR
Subjects of conversation TOPICS
Tests the weight of HEFTS
Things you may learn from a crossword FACTS
Throws for a loop STUNS
To date YET
Toy on an icy hill SLED
Vessel for Cap’n Crunch? BOWL
Victor’s declaration IWON
Where an unpleasant thing sticks CRAW
With 39-Across, test with a chart of letters EYE
Word after “old” or “golden” AGE
Wound up costing RANTO
___-Ball (arcade game) SKEE

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