Universal – Oct 5 2018

Clues Answers
Propyl stick-on ENE
___ I cared! ASIF
2018 film creature ANT
Acid neutralizer ALKALI
Administered with a spoon ORAL
Apt rhyme for “toiled” MOILED
Architectural angles ELLS
Argues a side DEBATES
Biblical garden EDEN
Big name in small appliances OSTER
Black cattle breed ANGUS
Bust in the act NAB
Buster or fella BUB
Cause to feel shame ABASE
Certain limb ARM
Certain Mongolian TATAR
Circular hairstyle AFRO
Consolidate UNIFY
Country in the Middle East SYRIA
Curl producer PERM
Curlicue shape ESS
Deprive of food STARVE
Dinner order? EAT
Director Preminger OTTO
Dollars per hour, e.g RATE
Fail to please DISSATISFY
Farm sound BAA
Flowers of love ROSES
Game show voice Johnny OLSON
Griffin of the NBA BLAKE
Gym features LOCKERS
Half pint CUP
High mountain peak ALP
Historical Boston drink TEA
Ingather REAP
Initial double digit TEN
It has slopes in Sicily ETNA
It’s quite continental ASIA
Jot some lines WRITE
Latin eggs OVA
Legendary Edith portrayer JEAN
Legendary Horne LENA
Like all cats FELINE
Make a choice OPT
Meshy things NETTINGS
Minimal thing to 64-Across on BARESUBSISTENCE
More fidgety TENSER
Multicolored coat wearer JOSEPH
No gain? No this PAIN
Non-flying avian EMU
Not be dead LIVE
Novel “Hotel du ___” LAC
Police command OPENUP
Prefix with “skid” or “lock” ANTI
Pressing need? STEAM
Programs in testing BETAS
Provide a staff MAN
Run or swim, grammatically VERB
Sharp-edged KEEN
Some 65-Across relief units BAYERASPIRINS
Some roughing tools RASPS
Southern veggie OKRA
Stuck flush with a surface INLAID
Sylvester’s impediment LISP
Three, together TRIAD
Tibetan animals YAKS
Type of rum liqueur TIAMARIA
Uncertifiable? SANE
Valuables storer SAFE
Warm-___ (stretches, etc.) UPS
Washington city TACOMA
Yucatec speakers MAYAS
___ out (just managed) EKED

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