Universal – Oct 6 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“Anybody there? …ere? …ere?” effect ECHO
“College GameDay” channel ESPN
“Cool!” NEAT
“Er, forget it!” UMNO
“FanMail” girl group TLC
“Finished!” DONE
“I feel ___ and heard!” SEEN
“I love you, mi esposa” TEAMO
“You listening?” HEARME
(Yeah, right!) PFFT
*Accompaniment to a musical (letters 3-7) PITORCHESTRA
*Failed attempt (letters 3-7) LOSINGEFFORT
*Paintings on planes’ fronts (letters 3-6) NOSEART
*Stringed instruments of Northwest Europe (In this answer, note letters 6-9) CELTICHARPS
Alcohol paired with omakase SAKE
Ancient Andean INCA
At that time THEN
Birds in a gaggle GEESE
Bodies in big belts? ASTEROIDS
Bread with saag paneer ROTI
Buddhism, for one FAITH
Class covering the Civil War USHISTORY
College mil. acronym ROTC
Comedian Margaret CHO
Deli bread RYE
Email discreetly BCC
Endangered marine reptile SEATURTLE
Faux ___ (misstep) PAS
From Thailand, perhaps ASIAN
Future Ph.D. candidate’s exam GRE
Good or bad signs OMENS
Greek cheese FETA
Grp. that gets a yearly pay cut? IRS
Gung-ho about INTO
Have big dreams ASPIRE
Hi-___ imaging RES
Ice cream parlor treat SUNDAE
Investigative journalist’s piece EXPOSE
Involves ENTAILS
Japanese title SAN
Like the dress code on Friday, maybe CASUAL
Livestock ID EARTAG
Loosened, as restrictions EASEDUP
Make irreversible decisions, and a theme hint BURNBRIDGES
Mark from surgery SCAR
Monty Python member John CLEESE
Name that sounds like a car OTTO
Nickname that drops -tor VIC
Not just online, for short IRL
One may know 15 digits of pi NERD
Passable SOSO
Rattle off RECITE
Recedes EBBS
Relaxed sounds AHS
Shelter on a hot day SHADE
Sister’s daughter, say NIECE
Sleeveless summer wear HALTERTOP
Spanish for “this” ESTO
Stopped in CAMEBY
Superficial layer VENEER
Take a ___ (protest like an athlete) KNEE
The first “T” of TNT TRI
To be, in Paris ETRE
Toilet bowl cleaner, e.g., for Coke USE
Toledo’s lake ERIE
Tool for a mountain climber ICEAXE
Tuna in poke AHI
Turn bad ROT
Tutankhamun’s mask, e.g RELIC
Underground soft rock? MAGMA
Universe COSMOS
Unnamed John DOE
Use profanity CUSS
View finder? EYE
Women’s World Cup org FIFA
Zodiacal transition point CUSP

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