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Universal – Oct 7 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“25” singer ADELE
“Jay Leno’s Garage” network CNBC
“Me too” SODOI
“That’s amazing!” OHWOW
“Tiny” son of Bob Cratchit TIM
“Well, looky there!” OHO
“___ be there!” ILL
*”I need time alone” GIVEMESOMESPACE
*”The Black Swan” star, 1942 TYRONEPOWER
*Group founded by Clara Barton REDCROSS
*K-12 overseers SCHOOLBOARD
2017 film about a figure skater ITONYA
Abs’ region CORE
Arduous journey TREK
Arthur who wrote “A Hard Road to Glory” ASHE
Assumes by force USURPS
Bonn’s river RHINE
Boston-to-Austin dir WSW
Bumpy amphibians TOADS
Burner setting LOW
Certain Arabian Peninsula resident OMANI
Commit perjury LIE
Egg cells OVA
Elite rosters of guests ALISTS
Energy-saving mode in some cars ECO
Former CBS chief Laurence TISCH
Furnace output HEAT
Got wind of HEARD
Greeting accompanied by a 24-Across, perhaps ALOHA
Hanauma Bay’s Hawaiian island OAHU
In the past AGO
Ivy Leaguer who may visit Connecticut Hall YALIE
Jalisco home CASA
Kind of package CARE
Kind of question YESNO
LeBron James, for one LAKER
Like a rascally grin IMPISH
Like hanging up on someone RUDE
Low-stress course EASYA
Low-___ image RES
Mark from battle SCAR
Money, informally DINERO
More wily SLYER
Moves to solid food WEANS
Munich mister HERR
Octogenarian celebrity Yoko ONO
One hangs on a house ICICLE
Oscar of “Inside Llewyn Davis” ISAAC
Part of FWIW ITS
Part of TNT TRI
Perry of “Gone Girl” TYLER
Person logging in USER
Pink shade CORAL
Puccini’s “La ___” BOHEME
Pythagoras’ Greek region IONIA
Realty events OPENHOUSES
Retreat, as from a position … or a hint to what can follow the end of each starred answer WALKBACK
Rhyme partner REASON
See 20-Across LEI
Singer King CAROLE
Situated on ATOP
St. Louis landmark ARCH
Swelled heads EGOS
Test models PROTOTYPES
The basics ABCS
They hang in caves BATS
Tights material LYCRA
Too hasty RASH
Tribe that lived by a Great Lake ERIE
Uno + uno DOS
Unpleasant smell ODOR
Wedding cake layer TIER
Welcomes, as a guest SEESIN
Where a pig roots STY
Word heard in “demeanor” MIEN
Yoga surface MAT
Zoom annoyance LAG
___-mo SLO