Universal – Oct 7 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“How’ve you ___?” BEEN
“Lonely Boy” singer Paul ANKA
“Shoo!” SCRAM
“This is ___ drill!” NOTA
“___ Man” (The Allman Brothers Band song) (Note the last 4 letters in this answer + …) RAMBLIN
“___ playing our song!” THEYRE
(Check text below) SEENOTE
10,000 ___ (alt-rock band) MANIACS
Actress Mendes EVA
Arthur of “The Golden Girls” BEA
Auction action BID
Big diamond, say? ACE
Blathers on (… first 1) YAPS
Bluish-green hue TEAL
Bodega conveniences ATMS
Charged against an account (… first 2) DEBITED
Come up ARISE
Comedian Poundstone PAULA
Country known as the Switzerland of Central Asia (… first 2) KYRGYZSTAN
Day before Tues MON
De Armas of “Knives Out” ANA
Dice-shaped CUBIC
Distort SKEW
Dull pain ACHE
Enclosure PEN
Expiration date words USEBY
First Nations group CREE
Garments worn by many bagpipers KILTS
Good to the last ___ DROP
Grows older AGES
Handshake alternative DAP
Hornets’ homes NESTS
Is able to CAN
It’s not there HERE
Jazz great James ETTA
Leaning Tower city PISA
Lentil dish DAL
Maine-based clothing retailer LLBEAN
Money spent at a konbini YEN
More gleeful MERRIER
Musician’s copyright org ASCAP
Name that anagrams to “red” DRE
NFL measurements YDS
Observance before Easter LENT
On the cycle? BIKING
One-fourth of tetra- UNI
Overly sappy (Last 3 + …) TREACLY
Pass on an invitation DECLINE
Pause fillers UHS
Possible response to “Are you the manager?” YESIAM
Publicly complained (Last 3 + …) MADEASTINK
Quirky ZANY
Regal headpiece TIARA
Rental from a renter SUBLET
Requirement NEED
Short end of the stick BADDEAL
Small horse PONY
Sneaky “Hey!” PSST
Son of Han Solo and Leia Organa (… the first 2 in this one) KYLOREN
SoulCycle verb (Last 3 + …) SPIN
Storyteller of old BARD
Tattletale RAT
Tech exec CIO
They might perk up EARS
Total jerk ASS
Totally furious INARAGE
Verbally promote TALKUP
Very soon now ANYDAY
Video game whose ghosts are in this puzzle’s theme answers PACMAN
Where breakfast might be served INBED
Wile E. Coyote’s supplier ACME
Wintry mix SLEET
Work hard for EARN
___ Lanka SRI

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