Universal – Oct 8 2018

Clues Answers
“‘___ now it hasn’t happened” TIL
“Classic” or “natal” stick-on NEO
“Mister” SIR
“Yeah, yeah” feeling BLASE
A couple in Bolivia DOS
Any coed STUDENT
Avoid restaurants EATIN
Be this to jet-set RICH
Bedeck ADORN
Blocks of gold INGOTS
Blog entries POSTS
Captain Morgan and Bacardi RUMS
Chris of tennis EVERT
Condescends DEIGNS
Coupon presenter REDEEMER
Course for a gourmand ENTREE
Deep-bowl dipper LADLE
Detour options SIDESTREETS
Dickinson, famously POETESS
Disturbances, old-style ADOS
Eyes-in-corners looks? SIDEGLANCES
Famous garden lady EVE
Female opera star DIVA
Finishes ENDS
Free from ropes UNTIE
Fresh? Don’t make me laugh STALE
Guilty and not guilty PLEAS
Harley attachment SIDECAR
Have a cow CALVE
Hawaiian gift LEI
Heep in a book URIAH
Honeydew, for one MELON
Huge luggage pieces TRUNKS
In a row (var.) ALINED
Kicking partner? ALIVE
Legal wrongdoings TORTS
Links choice IRON
Long-established OLD
Malignant? No BENIGN
Match, as a raise SEE
Maximally adorable CUTEST
Mine opening ADIT
Model of perfection IDEAL
Mommy has three EMS
More guileful SLIER
Need but not have LACK
Permits LETS
Play segment ACT
Pledged fidelity TROTH
Reads over quickly SCANS
Romantic dance TANGO
Savings for the golden yrs IRA
Say 16-Across before few ELOPE
Smallest ante CENT
Soccer shutout score NIL
Some desert reptiles SIDEWINDERS
Stands for speakers? DAISES
Start a gray mustache? AGE
Stuffed a pie hole ATE
Surgery reminder SCAR
Suspicious at sea? FISHY
Terminate CEASE
They’ll be delivered soon FETUSES
Thrown off course SIDETRACKED
Travel guess ETA
Travel word VIA
Tree liquid SAP
Type of fear PRIMAL
Type of gear LOW
Types or kinds ILKS
Tyranny’s two ENS
Uniting words IDO
With lots of backtalk SASSY
Words after “or so” ITSEEMS

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