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Universal – Oct 9 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Clemency” actress Woodard ALFRE
“Hello,” in Mandarin NIHAO
“Hold the phone!” WAIT
“How do you like ___ apples?” THEM
“Let me see …” HMM
“Morning Edition” network NPR
“Split” hair parts ENDS
1/100 of a euro CENT
Amo, amas, ___ AMAT
Animal on a road sign DEER
Ariana Grande’s “___ Is A Woman” GOD
Award quartet acronym EGOT
Basic ball game CATCH
Basketball hoop RIM
Beethoven’s Ninth, e.g OPUS
Bhindi, on Indian menus OKRA
Bronte heroine Jane EYRE
Chips brand LAYS
City haze SMOG
Classic arcade coin TOKEN
Clearasil target ACNE
Clickable desktop image ICON
Colorful eye part IRIS
Connecting point NODE
Debuts on Wall St IPOS
Deli offering MEAT
Dentist’s greeting to a regular? YOUKNOWTHEDRILL
Dentist’s reaction to shocking news? WELLSHUTMYMOUTH
Dentist’s voice mail message while on vacation? IMOUTOFPRACTICE
Deteriorating GOINGSOUTH
Dirt road hazards RUTS
Endures LASTS
Famous loch NESS
Fannie Mae offering HOMELOAN
Federal property org GSA
Fries or hash browns, often SIDE
Gulf of Aden nation YEMEN
Hypercompetitive sort TYPEA
Lake associated with Thoreau WALDENPOND
Lauder of cosmetics ESTEE
Long, long time ETERNITY
Looks like a creep OGLES
Made tense? PAST
Meditation mentor YOGI
Metal mixture ALLOY
Nerve cells’ junctions SYNAPSES
No longer cluttered NEAT
Norwegian capital OSLO
Nutmeg, for instance SPICE
Originate, with “from” STEM
Part of a Facebook feed POST
Perfect places EDENS
Plenty ALOT
Reaction to a kitten video AWW
Scatter seeds SOW
School spirit event PEPRALLY
Second chances REDOS
Semi-hard Dutch cheese EDAM
Sharpen, as a skill HONE
Snitch RAT
Snow transport SLED
So-so at best MEDIOCRE
Speak indistinctly SLUR
Stitched (up) SEWN
Subtle, as a color MUTED
Swerved wildly CAREENED
Swinton whose first name sounds like a squiggly mark TILDA
Thesaurus entry: Abbr SYN
Top predator of the oceans ORCA
Width x length, for a rectangle AREA
Wipe from a drive, perhaps ERASE
WNBA’s Dream, on scoreboards ATL
Word after “hot” or “winning” STREAK
World’s best-selling cookie OREO
___ Itt of the Addams Family COUSIN
___ Paulo SAO