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Universal – Sep 1 2018

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Clues Answers
“Are,” centuries ago ART
“Get it now?” SEE
“La ___” (Camus work) PESTE
“Mater” lead-in ALMA
A Dutch master STEEN
A grandson of Adam ENOS
Accelerated SPED
Activist Brockovich ERIN
Aquarium fish TETRA
Ariz. neighbor CALIF
Austin Powers, really MYERS
Ball-balancing creature SEAL
Be creepy? SEEP
Be literate READ
Beaut LULU
Bishop’s underling VICAR
Black Friday events SPREES
Borodin prince IGOR
Brit’s streetcars TRAMS
Caucus state IOWA
Closes loudly SLAMS
Collins’ country EIRE
Coral maker POLYP
Cyclical anomalies CALENDAREFFECTS
Delete ERASE
Dispatch boat AVISO
Dot in the sea ISLET
Fast-talking GLIB
Film attraction STAR
Floppy thing DISC
Former male slave FREEDMAN
Fully fulfill SATE
Funny sketch SKIT
Grandma’s secret? RECIPE
Greatest quantity? MOST
Indian address SRI
Infant’s tummy ailment COLIC
It’s pushed around CART
Kind of stock NOPAR
Lacking a point INANE
Links choice IRON
Lipinski on skates TARA
Loser-by-one-vote’s cry IDEMANDARECOUNT
Machine with pay-outs SLOT
Make a mistake SLIPUP
Manor overseer LORD
Milanese money, once LIRA
Modern evidence DNA
Mouth off SASS
Noted Roman poet OVID
One accomplishing much DOER
Paperhanger’s calculation AREA
Psychic energy AURA
Rajasthan-to-China dir ENE
Rani’s garment SARI
Refined fill-ups GASOLINES
Release, in a way UNTIE
Respectful titles SIRS
Say “That’s mine” CLAIM
Sheet of matted wool BATT
Sports officials, briefly REFS
State with force AVER
Streamlined, briefly AERO
Sudanese Republic, today MALI
Tequila plant AGAVE
The Ugly Duckling, later SWAN
Toledo native SPANIARD
Utilizes suitcases PACKS
Weapons provider ARMER
Wet-dry ___ VAC
What Hendrix and Dr. J sported AFROS
Whit kin IOTA
Without moisture, as land SERE