Universal – Sep 12 2018

Clues Answers
Planet of the ___ APES
Act or deed FEAT
Alaskan creature MOOSE
Ancient Egyptian bird IBIS
Animal’s pasture LEA
Attacks from all sides BESETS
Avoid some syllables ELIDE
Barely gets by EKES
Be a family man X 2? LEADADOUBLELIFE
Be competitive in a race STAYWITHTHEPACK
Biting pest FLEA
Brief time measures HRS
Bunny tail SCUT
Burial garments PALLS
Cancel like NASA ABORT
Carpenter pencil’s lack ERASER
Common vehicle AUTO
Cookie brand OREO
Deck out in the ring? KAYO
Deli concoction BLT
Earth mover? LOADER
Eating rats? GNAWERS
Employ a big dipper LADE
Event locale VENUE
Extrapolate INFER
Famed loch NESS
Freight-car hopper HOBO
French door feature PANE
German city BONN
Holy Roman and others EMPIRES
Idaho’s capital BOISE
Ill-mannered one LOUT
Is mathematical ADDS
Lake near Progressive Field ERIE
Lifeline readers SEERS
Like tough hills to climb STEEP
Litter’s littlest RUNT
Malleted food CRAB
Man in a big house? CON
Mass-ive place? APSE
Music source RADIO
Newish relative INLAW
Not bumpy at all EVEN
Not use your head? FOLLOWYOURHEART
Olive oil container CRUET
One direction EAST
Party mix morsels NUTS
Person nearly finished with a puzzle YOU
Personal emanations AURAE
Pitching stats ERAS
Plotting group CABAL
Pond organism ALGA
Prejudice BIAS
Prison unit CELL
Program errors BUGS
Riding piggyback ATOP
Safe nautical direction ALEE
Sewing cases ETUIS
Singer Redding OTIS
Small and delicate ELFIN
Somerset House display ART
Spot to be marooned ISLE
Sudden wind blasts GUSTS
Takes it easy IDLES
Talk it up GAB
Talk it up how? ATLENGTH
Thai bills BAHTS
Thing measured in cups BRA
Time between WWI and WWII INTERWAR
U-turn from more LESS
Unrivaled rating AONE
Used a Breathalyzer BLEW
Valley or vale DALE
Wallet contents CASH
Water vehicle BOAT
Wild pig BOAR
Witch’s laugh CACKLE
Worst possible attendance NONE

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