Universal – Sep 12 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“As if!” PFFT
“I’ll handle this” ONIT
“That would be huge,” in modern lingo BIGIFTRUE
“The Kids ___ Alright” (The Offspring song) ARENT
“The Simpsons” frame CEL
“___ upon a midnight dreary …” ONCE
Actress Hayek SALMA
Anklebones TARSI
Annoying insect GNAT
Brown quickly SEAR
Candy collection hidden from children, perhaps STASH
Certain Genius Bar patron MACUSER
Donkey ASS
Droop SAG
Enjoy a comic book READ
Fitzgerald of scat ELLA
Frothy Starbucks order LATTE
Fuzzy image BLUR
Gandalf portrayer McKellen IAN
Gear teeth COGS
Girls Who ___ (nonprofit supporting women in computer science) CODE
Green or black drink TEA
Hoopla ADO
HS exams scored from 1 to 5 APS
Indonesian tourist spot BALI
Inquiring about the well-being of (first 2 letters + last 3) ASKINGAFTER
It keeps things cool ICE
Large group of males in Antarctica, say (first 2 letters + last 3) PENGUINCOLONY
Love, in Spanish AMOR
Making out on the bus, e.g.: Abbr PDA
Martians and such ETS
Neighborhood that often has great pizza (first 2 letters + last 2) LITTLEITALY
Old ___ (former lover) FLAME
Old-timey “you” THOU
Olden days YORE
Paradise EDEN
Passover meal SEDER
PBS science show NOVA
Peak performance AGAME
Period for penance LENT
Pets’ problems, perhaps FLEAS
Poodle’s “hotel” KENNEL
Prescription purchase DRUG
Pro votes YEAS
Purple ingredient in tortang talong and moussaka EGGPLANT
Record label for Doja Cat RCA
Relatives, in brief FAM
Rowing tool OAR
Sacred emblem TOTEM
Salad with bacon COBB
Savory Indian pastry SAMOSA
Shopping binge SPREE
Slightest amount IOTA
Soft sweater fiber CASHMERE
Summer complaint IMHOT
Swear words, collectively PROFANITY
Teen’s room, perhaps MESS
Tennis legend Arthur ASHE
Texter’s “ha ha ha!” LMAO
Thailand, formerly SIAM
Thespian ACTOR
Tranquility PEACE
Tugboat sounds TOOTS
Type of oil from hemp CBD
Unit of land ACRE
Uno + dos TRES
Vogue editor Wintour ANNA
Walks with confidence and style SASHAYS
Weird and spooky EERIE
What Roe v. Wade established (In this answer, note the first letter + the last 3) RIGHTTOCHOOSE
Where brownies bake OVEN
___ Lanka SRI
___ pal (rhyming friend) GAL

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