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Universal – Sep 13 2018

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Clues Answers
“Fool me ___ …” ONCE
“The First ___ the Deepest” CUTIS
Ain’t correct? ISNT
Artist Yoko ONO
Asian sauce SOY
Assistant AIDE
Beehive or bun HAIRDO
Break the seal OPEN
Caesar’s last day IDES
Camp transports CANOES
Campaigned RAN
Chinese philosopher ___-Tse LAO
Cleverly tricky SLY
Clumsy one OAF
Cocooned bugs PUPAE
Commissioned ropers selling carpets? RUGSTORECOWBOYS
Cookbook offering RECIPE
Cooking abbr TSP
Dear family friend PET
Deploy USE
Dominated someone COWED
DuPont fiber ORLON
Easily identifiable things FACES
Expositions FAIRS
Extremity END
Eyes, to Shakespeare ORBS
Film-rating units STARS
Foreign love? AMOUR
Get under one’s skin IRK
Golf goal PAR
Has all rights to OWNS
Highfalutin’ ARTY
Huge banquets FEASTS
Id’s counterparts EGOS
In a non-friendly manner ICILY
In other words, in Latin IDEST
Insincere “service” LIP
It says no to drugs FDA
Japanese city OSAKA
Kingly English name HENRY
L. ___ Hubbard RON
Leisurely strolls PASEOS
Let music move you DANCE
Like casino VIPs COMPED
Loving to scratch? DIGGINGITCHES
Magazine unit PAGE
Make it ARRIVE
Milk-maker’s sound MOO
Not be constant VARY
Not guilty INNOCENT
Novel feature PLOTLINE
Numerical suffix ETH
One whose days are numbered? CPA
Place over limply DRAPE
Poem form ODE
Poker payments ANTES
Raccoon relative COATI
React to a horror film SCREAM
Seal for documents SIGNET
Shamu, for one ORCA
Sharer’s word OUR
Some soup pods OKRAS
Some tropical fruits MANGOES
Sound from a pigeon COO
Stir up ROUSE
Stomached? ATE
Stomached? (Yes, again) EATEN
Strumming twins? EMS
Sunning triplets? ENS
Surround, old-style ENGIRD
Thicket of trees COPSE
Thing of little value TRIFLE
Tropical bird TOUCAN
Turkish military title AGHA
When some start the day DAWN
Why tea is preferred in Paris? FRENCHRIPCOFFEE
Yankees and Red Sox, e.g FOES
Yuck-inducing ICKY