Universal – Sep 14 2018

Clues Answers
“Moines” front DES
“Star” or “start” hanger-on LING
“The Amazing Spider-___” MAN
A young Bobbsey NAN
All baby bottles NURSERS
Any optimist HOPER
Bank offering IRA
Bert’s buddy ERNIE
Bit of hijinks ANTIC
British archbishop’s headpiece MITRE
Buck in its third year SOREL
Carpet hardware TACKS
Changes actors RECASTS
Chillingly weird EERIE
Clue direction ACROSS
Common breakfast food EGG
Darkened skin SUNNED
Deep anger IRE
Didn’t make a reservation ATEIN
Dolly’s greeting? HELLO
Drape supporter ROD
Drudges PEONS
Easily offended THINSKINNED
Electronic bracelet locale ANKLE
Fight lines? SCARS
First son CAIN
Gather in one place AMASS
Glitches SNAGS
Ground-up tool? HOE
Group of nine NONET
Hair unit TRESS
Hairstyles DOS
Has an inclination TENDS
Have a blast with it TNT
Hold fast ADHERE
Honolulu gift LEI
Horned animal, briefly RHINO
It may be hard to understand THICKACCENT
King James suffix ETH
Laugh sounds HEHE
Let some people go THINTHEHERD
Lies and cons DECEITS
Lighthouse or beacon PHAROS
Lodging choice INN
Lofty exec CEO
Lose attention DRIFT
Misbehaving child IMP
Mom of 57-Down EVE
Old-school? Not at all MODERN
Park it SIT
Pass it for money HAT
Projecting windows ORIELS
Promoting a new album ONTOUR
Racked animal ELK
Say “How?” ASK
Silly Mother? GOOSE
Singer Diamond NEIL
Skillful showoff HOTSHOT
Some drone missions RECONS
Song-and-dance show REVUE
Special vocabulary LINGO
Stabilizer in the water FIN
Super stubborn THICKHEADED
Tennis serving whiz ACER
The stuff of brain stormers IDEAS
They deliver UPS
Track activities SPRINTS
Type of court evidence DNA
U-turn from expanded SHRANK
Vietnamese festival TET
Weight that’s free TARE
What we all take in AIR
Will of films SMITH
Word of the past? THEN
Words with “hold” or “get” ONTO
Yuletide character SANTA

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