Universal – Sep 14 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“Guilty” or “not guilty” PLEA
“No returns” ASIS
“Odyssey” enchantress CIRCE
“Ya think?!” NODUH
A frabjous set of lines, perhaps by Lear, that gyre and gimble to the ear NONSENSEVERSE
Anatomical cap site KNEE
Annoyance for a sleeping princess PEA
At hand NEAR
Attraction APPEAL
Avid aficionado HUGEFAN
Back again FRO
Big furniture retailer IKEA
Bring into play USE
Buffoon OAF
Bulletin board item TACK
Can metal TIN
Churro ingredient? ROLLEDR
Come to light EMERGE
Costello of Abbott and Costello LOU
Darjeeling or oolong TEA
Don’t believe it! MIRAGE
Downer DRAG
Expected DUE
Final Four game, informally SEMI
Fly in the ointment SNAG
Food festival activity EATING
German carmaker AUDI
Get something wrong ERR
Get wrong MISS
Hair goops GELS
Have high hopes ASPIRE
Hawaii’s “Valley Isle” MAUI
Head motions at auctions NODS
Hen’s home COOP
In the company of AMONGST
Ingratiate ENDEAR
Inning’s sextet OUTS
Iranian ruler exiled in 1979 SHAH
It needs refinement ORE
It’s an irritatingly long string of verbs, nouns, adjectives and so forth that takes seemingly forever to make its point before finally ending RUNONSENTENCE
Japanese cartoon style ANIME
Judo, e.g., at the Summer Olympics EVENT
Largest fencing swords EPEES
Line on jeans SEAM
Love game? TENNIS
Lubricated OILED
Many dad jokes PUNS
Mend, as a sock DARN
Most peculiar ODDEST
Movie star’s “glow” AURA
Name that doesn’t rhyme with “Dean,” curiously SEAN
Pantheon’s city ROME
Pig’s digs PEN
Reindeer in “Frozen” SVEN
Sandler of “Big Daddy” ADAM
Significant other PARTNER
Silky-haired toy dog, briefly PEKE
Similar to this clue SELFREFERENTIAL
Smooths, as a board SANDS
Supplies supper, say CATERS
Text just like this FOURLETTERWORDS
The “p” in rpm PER
The, in Toulouse LES
Think the world of ADORE
Times for holiday parties EVES
Two-vowel vow IDO
Violins and violas STRINGS
What a keeper may keep INN
Wipes from a hard drive DELETES
Wish granter GENIE
Word after “hearing” or “audiovisual” AID
Word paired with “spay” NEUTER
___ Morgue (Poe setting) RUE
___ thin (become tiresome) WEAR

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