Universal – Sep 15 2018

Clues Answers
“Assuming that’s true …” IFSO
“Grease” character SANDY
“Halt, salt” AVAST
“Twilight” writer Stephenie MEYER
“Wall Street” guy GEKKO
A.A. Milne creature ROO
Abbr. on an air pump PSI
Affect emotionally STIR
Alias, for short AKA
Always up to something SLY
Bar mix morsel NUT
Bathing sites TUBS
Be in a marathon RUN
Beach shelter CABANA
Black, if you’re 475 EBON
Blvd.? No, close AVE
Brothers of fairy tales GRIMM
Camera eye LENS
Child KID
Cleaned plates ATE
Common measurer RULER
Conquered and vanquished FALLEN
Crunch on boxes CAPN
Defensive “chop” KARATE
Digested EATEN
Dismiss with a wave POOHPOOH
Family female AUNT
Ferry Beach and Fort McClary MAINESTATEPARKS
Fertile, as land ARABLE
Freed, in a way UNTIED
Gull-like Arctic bird SKUA
Guy on Homer’s block NED
Identical ALIKE
Large African antelope ORYX
Leer at OGLE
Like a midnight howl EERIE
Lipstick mishap SMEAR
Loafers you can’t wear IDLERS
Make a board two SAW
Medicine man SHAMAN
Mental makeup PSYCHE
Mo. of gorgeous foliage OCT
More gray-haired HOARIER
Most faint WISPIEST
Native Alaskan INUIT
Neato kin, later RAD
Oman citizen ARAB
Org. rating cinema AFI
Person in a white hat COOK
Piglet’s play place STY
Prior to, prior to words PRE
Purple bloom IRIS
Puts in a bigger pot REPLANTS
Road work indicator CONE
Room or hall variety REC
Row house sitting place STOOP
Seat in Lower Manhattan? NEWYORKCITYHALL
Send off, as a letter POST
Sister of Apollo ARTEMIS
Solo on film HAN
Speck of land in the sea ISLE
Speeder in “Speed” BUS
They get locked up HASPS
Tom of films HANKS
Trucking vehicle HAULER
Versatility list USES
Viewed over RERAN
Waco anti-drought org TEXASFARMBUREAU
Wee acarid MITE
What alarm clocks do AWAKEN
What Shrek is OGRE
What the wind isn’t SEEABLE
Word surrounding “by” ONE
Young flower shoot CYME
___ lazuli LAPIS

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