Universal – Sep 16 2018

Clues Answers
“He’s ___ nowhere man …” AREAL
“The ___ upon us” HOURIS
24-7-365 cash provider ATM
26-Down support PILING
41-Across home WEB
Adjusted a piano TUNED
Back muscles, briefly LATS
Basket twig OSIER
Black ___ spider WIDOW
Bright, lethal snake KRAIT
Cut in marble ETCH
Defensive fence PALISADE
Dock of the bay PIER
Down in the dumps SAD
Electricity measure KILOWATT
Execute perfectly NAIL
Gram Parsons, for one BYRD
Had wings? ATE
Hearing-related AURAL
Hurler’s stat ERA
Hydrox rival OREO
Ireland, another way EIRE
Island getaway? RAFT
It has a lot of buzz HIVE
King James seeking opinions? WHATDOTHOUTHINK
King James’ vow of silence? MYLIPSARTSEALED
King James, weekend warrior? DOITTHYSELFER
Leaf-eating beetle MAYBUG
Letters with humps EMS
Like a readied golfball TEED
Little devils IMPS
Make a speech ORATE
More rotten, as wood DOTIER
Nautical adverb ALEE
Nit-picking PEDANTIC
Noisy grasshopper KATYDID
Oblong yellow fruit PAPAW
Omelet necessity EGG
Place to join a union? ALTAR
Place with soothing jets SPA
Plant with dual seed leaves DICOT
Poetic feet IAMBI
Portray ENACT
Prison resident INMATE
Pro verbal votes YEAS
Rhyming work POEM
Rib splitters? STERNA
Rife with marsh plants SEDGY
Royal headband DIADEM
Saharan traveler, perhaps ARAB
Sonnet ending? EER
Tie the knot WED
Trombone feature SLIDE
Type of old warrior AZTEC
Underhanded throw TOSS
Waits patiently ABIDES
Way-valuable vein LODE
___ out a living (made do) EKED

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