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Universal – Sep 17 2018

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Clues Answers
“And things like that” ETC
“Yikes!” kin EGAD
Air pressure meas PSI
Any condo UNIT
Ball of dirt CLOD
Banned bug spray DDT
Barrel part SLAT
Be a challenger DARE
Beatrix Potter character PETER
Bog fuels PEATS
Canaveral cancel ABORT
Cartoon Flanders NED
Cause an unearned run ERR
Coloratura’s solo ARIA
Common Vegas action BET
Completely locked in TOTALLYABSORBED
Courtroom dramas TRIALS
Courtroom swearing-in OATH
Croat neighbor SERB
Deceiver LIAR
Didn’t just watch TRIED
Emulates a hungry tiger PREYS
Fancy theater level LOGE
Female in the family NIECE
Finished up ENDED
Four Seasons info RATES
Giggle sound TEHEE
Gradually chip away ERODE
Greedy person’s cry MORE
Group of three TRIUNE
Historical chapter ERA
Home for some predators LAIR
Hospital fluids SERA
Julia Roberts played her ERIN
Legislate ENACT
Like some serfs and lords FEUDAL
Liqueur flavorings ANISEEDS
Long account SAGA
Loose earthy deposit MARL
Make a rude face SNEER
Masterful serve ACE
Money of old Italy LIRE
More freshly deep-fried CRISPIER
Mr. Kringle KRIS
Paves a road TARS
Pay-___-view PER
Place for a big fight ARENA
Place in a schedule SLOT
Plot of the Good Book? EDEN
Pre-revolution leader TSAR
Primitive cross ROOD
Questioning word with “who” ELSE
Quite factual TRUE
Refuse destination DUMP
Road stone SETT
Say in a nutshell SUMUP
School undertaking TEST
Secretive “Look here” PSST
Singer David ___ Coe ALLAN
Slicing beam LASER
Some ducks TEALS
Sounds of amazement OOHS
Support for a fracture SPLINT
Throat infection type STREP
Tongue-lash SCOLD
Turn sharply about a mast SLUE
U-turn from rural URBAN
Ukrainian city ODESSA
Visualize SEE
What’s unnaturally bright? ARTIFICIALLIGHT
Wild boar’s weapons TUSKS
Withstand, as temptation RESIST
Work scissors SNIP