Universal – Sep 17 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“Any second now!” SOON
“Hit the road!” SCAT
“Nick at ___” NITE
“Right away!” PRONTO
“The future is not looking good for you” sign BADOMEN
“Uptown Girl” singer Billy JOEL
“You should come along!” JOINUS
“You ___!” (“Absolutely!”) BETCHA
12/31, e.g EVE
Agenda parts ITEMS
Atlanta college EMORY
Building add-on ANNEX
Canis, for dogs GENUS
Car accessories that help in low-visibility conditions FOGLIGHTS
Cause to go “Vroom!” REV
College-level HS classes APS
Compound that turns litmus blue ALKALI
Consume INGEST
Container that affects a wine’s taste OAKBARREL
Country singer Gibbs TERRI
Cozy, wrapped garments ROBES
Dashed RAN
Do great on an exam ACEIT
Doc often signed by reality show participants NDA
Existential turmoil ANGST
Flavorful butter replacement BACONGREASE
Give an earful to SHOUTAT
Groan-inspiring piece of wordplay TERRIBLEPUN
Hindu discipline with poses YOGA
Hunter in the night sky ORION
Indian method of cooking TANDOORI
It’s full of bologna DELIAISLE
Lively dances JIGS
Many a Christmas tree FIR
Manzanita ___ (apple-flavored soft drink) SOL
Marshy area FEN
Nebraska’s largest city OMAHA
Numbers on right-hand pages ODDS
Papal ___ (image on the Vatican flag) TIARA
Person with followers LEADER
Pictogram that helps fill in emotional cues EMOJI
Piece of ancient history RELIC
Pieces of headwear that might protect against mind reading (but probably not) TINFOILHATS
Premium locations? GASPUMPS
Printer maker EPSON
Seeping OOZING
Show and ___ TELL
Some pink wines ROSES
Stave off AVERT
String instrument with a bent neck LUTE
Sudoku solver’s skill LOGIC
Suffix for Israel or Manhattan ITE
Taboos NONOS
Teensy bit TAD
The “V” of C.V VITAE
The Chiffons hit with the lyric “And I’m gonna make him mine” HESSOFINE
The Super Bowl cannot end in one TIE
They might change suddenly PLANS
Tip for a calligrapher? NIB
Unofficial recording BOOTLEGCOPY
Use the pink part of a pencil ERASE
Walk with confidence STRUT
Word after “truth” or “antiaging” SERUM
Worth mentioning OFNOTE
Zag’s counterpart ZIG
___ disease (tick-borne illness) LYME

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