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Universal – Sep 18 2018

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Clues Answers
“It was written like this” SIC
“Neither” mate NOR
“New” prefix NEO
“To” reversal FRO
Acts too much? EMOTES
Animal’s mouth MAW
Approaches NEARS
Basil sauce PESTO
Best man’s solo TOAST
Bird that warbles WREN
Brief moment of time TRICE
Capital of Seattle? ESS
Christian of fashion DIOR
Christmas character SANTA
Clumsy person OAF
Compass dir ENE
Converts, as a check CASHES
Cool kin RAD
Cooling ONICE
Current events NEWS
Desert animal CAMEL
Dictatorship TYRANNY
Dirty kind of pie MUD
Dispense ISSUE
Eight united OCTAD
Fidelity LOYALTY
Five breakers ONES
Frown kin SNEER
Furious feeling IRE
Garden of delight EDEN
Generic cheer RAH
Go “Yoink!” SNATCH
Good will AMITY
Guiding influence TUTELAGE
Had munchies ATE
Hotel offering SUITE
http://www thing URL
Islamic ruler EMIR
Jimmy of ”NYPD Blue” SMITS
Leaves to steep TEA
Like the museum crowd ARTSY
Make way thin EMACIATE
Many times, in verse OFT
Mean explicitly DENOTE
Mineral rock ORE
Morse code bit DAH
Most lubricated OILIEST
One way or another SOMEHOW
Part of an epic poem CANTO
Penny ___ (cards pay-in) ANTE
Pitcher Maglie SAL
Places in a tomb INHUMES
President No. 18 GRANT
Raises, as the 36-Across UPS
Releases, as to the wild FREES
Robe cloth TERRY
Rootless thing in a pond ALGA
Sailor friend MATEY
Scripted or penned WROTE
Sings a slow song CROONS
Some fairy-tale monsters OGRES
Spoil, as a finish MAR
Sports site ARENA
Spring ram ARIES
Supersized beer mug SEIDEL
Teeny go-with WEENY
Texas mission ALAMO
Time std GMT
To “harbor” feelings in NYC, go to the mouth … OFTHEHUDSON
To flee a flood, head .. FORTHEHILLS
To remove a faux mustache, use a nose .. HAIRTRIMMER
To stick out in a crowd, face .. THEWRONGWAY
Transport for Tarzan LIANA
Type of mattress AIR
Vast geological time EON
Was mistaken ERRED
“All That Jazz” director FOSSE