Universal – Sep 18 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“And again from the top!” ONCEMORE
“Cheerio!” TATA
“Don’t get yourself into that mess” ITSNOTWORTHIT
“Follow my instructions to a T!” DOEXACTLYASISAY
“If You Feel the Funk” singer Jackson LATOYA
“Oh, I’m just drowning in my sorrows!” WOEISME
“There’s ___ in sight!” NOEND
“To clarify …” IMEAN
“Truly did not need to know all of that” TMI
“Uh-uh” NAW
“ur hilarious” LOL
“You can’t make me!” IDONTHAVETO
Alliance with its own alphabet NATO
Annual Miami Beach gallery event ARTBASEL
Baton Rouge sch LSU
Before, before ERE
Boxer Laila ALI
Brings home the bacon PROVIDES
Cheer word RAH
Chunk of history ERA
Condition that might be treated with Exposure and Response Prevention OCD
Drink that might be sipped with a pinkie out TEA
Eye piece? IRIS
Fashion initials YSL
Florence’s “Little Women” role AMY
Getaways TRIPS
Goes into extreme detail about the backstory of the Scarlet Witch, say NERDSPLAINS
In an inept way BADLY
Inner ear? COB
It’s delivered regularly MAIL
Italian comrade PAISANO
Jar cover LID
L.A. neighborhood where a lot of Seoul food is found? KTOWN
Lend a hand with a heist ABET
Letter before omega PSI
Line on a receipt TAX
Looking at EYING
Many “Euphoria” characters, agewise TEENS
Mariah Carey or Lady Gaga, e.g POPDIVA
Molecule in some vaccines RNA
Number of acts in “Sweeney Todd” TWO
Packing away STOWING
Poet Carol ___ Duffy ANN
Poker table payment ANTE
Problem for an “I” specialist? EGO
Reacted to a Pixar short, probably WEPT
Real stinkers? ODORS
Relate (to) PERTAIN
Repents ATONES
Sarcastic alternative to “Big deal!” ISNTTHATSPECIAL
Singer and dancer Jojo SIWA
Sleeveless suit part VEST
Soapmaking substance LYE
Stickers that might replace introductions NAMETAGS
Stir-fried noodle dish containing Chinese broccoli and egg PADSEEEW
Strips on a bed? SLATS
Super nitpicky ANAL
Two matching socks or cards PAIR
U-turn from NNW SSE
Use a needle and thread SEW
Vietnamese New Year TET
Word after “Mount” or “Cedars” SINAI
Words of recognition OHITSYOU
Wrote the wrong year on, like a check MISDATED
Yankee until ’16 AROD

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