Universal – Sep 19 2018

Clues Answers
“Pocus” go-with HOCUS
AI game participant BOT
America’s bird EAGLE
An acting award EMMY
Back-to-health program REHAB
Brief commercials? ADS
Broadway offering MUSICAL
Bun variety SESAME
Busch Gardens attraction RIDE
Busy commotion ADO
Cairo’s waterway NILE
Caps and helmets HEADGEAR
Carve, as initials ETCH
Castle defenses MOATS
Chinese nut (var.) LITCHI
Country near Oman YEMEN
Dig into BORE
Do retail SELL
Easy win ROMP
Egomaniac’s dream COMPLETECONTROL
Ensemble of three TRIO
Fair way to split EVENLY
Fertile earth LOAM
Formal belief CREDO
Ginseng, for one ROOT
Guttural interruption AHEM
Has dinner SUPS
Have the look of SEEM
Hitter’s hot streak TEAR
Holy Tibetans LAMAS
Hot-weather ermine STOAT
In no time ____ ATALL
In ___ (intrinsic) ITSELF
Incite in a bowl? STIR
Island republic EIRE
IV bag’s innards SERA
j thing DOT
Julie on TV CHEN
Latin American plain LLANO
Like dry ground SERE
Loamy deposit LOESS
Loathes HATES
Long skirt MIDI
Look for SEARCH
Major web portal YAHOO
Massachusetts school TUFTS
Massive star IDOL
Mechanically smoothed MACHINEFINISHED
Monopoly token SHOE
Old Italian bread? LIRA
Old-style excited HETUP
Performed with sincerity DONEINGOODFAITH
Plunge DIVE
Possessed, per King James HADST
Prayerful PIOUS
RBIs on a solo homer ONE
Region AREA
Scene of an event LOCUS
Sets free LOOSES
Shaking fit AGUE
Shamu, for one ORCA
Sharp pens? STYLI
Shirt tag locale NAPE
Skipper’s yes AYE
Slip into, as clothing DON
Softball pitch shapes ARCS
Some drawers are in there ARTCLASS
Sun-worshiping empire INCA
Talk casually CHAT
Touched land ALIT
Tried-and-true saying ADAGE
Trillion dollar co APPLE
Use a shuttle TAT
What some make out of nothing BIGDEAL
___ Aviv TEL
___-di-dah LAH

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