Universal – Sep 2 2018

Clues Answers
“Afore” kin ERE
“All bets ___ off” ARE
“CD” follower ROM
“Hey, there!” softly PSST
“Look before you leap,” for one ADAGE
“To a …” poem ODE
“___ been better” IVE
Actor Humphrey, informally BOGIE
Actress Dern LAURA
Any pilot FLYER
Artillery specialist GUNNER
Bahamian capital NASSAU
Blunt-bladed sword EPEE
Buoy, as spirits ELATE
Burst into flames FLARED
Bus stop? DEPOT
Can-do ABLE
Collective possessive OUR
Common easy chair site DEN
Coops up, really ENCAGES
Countess spouses EARLS
Diminish, as a signal ERODE
Entangled SNARLED
Floors STUNS
Given to copying? APISH
Hair curler ROLLER
Hunt for provisions FORAGE
It fell historically ROMANEMPIRE
Jesus healed one LEPER
Jim Phelps’ TV employer IMF
Kind of race MAYORAL
Layer cutter PARER
Man who was Clay ALI
Marx stick-on ISM
Mine exits ADITS
Nasty, as a remark SNIDE
Nest egg component, briefly IRA
Network in the body NEURAL
No-nos for the non-PC crowd? DELLS
Nuptial agreement IDO
Place to find deals RUMMAGESALE
Played a harmonica BLEW
Pre-GPS helper MAP
Problematic car purchase LEMON
Puts a cherry atop a jam? GRABSTHERIM
River entering the Rio Grande PECOS
Royal headpiece CORONET
Say “y’all,” e.g ELIDE
Scarborough’s locale TOBAGO
Sci-fi blaster INFRAREDRAY
Screen legend Tracy SPENCER
Sharply cut, as a price SLASHED
Sherwood Forest’s merry denizens MEN
Ship noses PROWS
Sign up for ENROLL
Sketches LIMNS
Sluggishness TORPOR
Some farm mothers DAMS
Sound control knobs FADERS
Speech giver ORATOR
Stinging precipitation SLEET
The beauty of a rose BLOOM
They can be the pits SEEDS
Trig term COSEC
Twice less than twice NEVER
Underside of a cornice SOFFIT
With a vocal twang NASAL
Wreath of victory LAUREL
X-raying unit RAD
Young men LADS
___ Ray Beach DEL

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