Universal – Sep 20 2018

Clues Answers
“Beetle Bailey” canine OTTO
“It’s the ___ I can do” LEAST
“___ missing something?” AMI
Accident MISHAP
Activity center LOCUS
Actress Downey ROMA
African slitherer ASP
Astronomer’s sighting NOVA
Bad day for Caesar IDES
Bank in Israel WEST
Barely beats EDGES
Bread to stuff PITA
Center court nothing LOVE
Chew persistently? GNAW
College fire insurance? TENURE
Cotton variety PIMA
Coulter or Curry ANN
Cut it out STOP
Decay ROT
Disturb, as the balance TIP
Don Juan’s rescuee LEILA
Early Sunday events, for many MORNINGSERVICES
Empty-headed INANE
First radio code words ALFAS
Flower part PETAL
Foot part SOLE
Get up ARISE
Hand drier? TOWEL
Ho ___ Minh CHI
It may be bulletproof VEST
Jacob’s womb mate ESAU
Knot type GRANNY
Letter opener? DEAREST
Like a befuddled captain? ASEA
Little bits IOTAS
Make slow progress PLOD
Map initials no more USSR
Measures of loudness SONES
Monster relative OGRE
Mrs. Garrett portrayer RAE
Night before EVE
Note-passer’s sound PSST
Official emissary LEGATE
Open-handed blow SLAP
Opera performance ARIA
Part of us YOU
Permission for a search WARRANT
Piano variety SPINET
Picky start to pick? NIT
Plot of some horror films NIGHTINTHEWOODS
Poem form ODE
Prairie wagon CONESTOGA
Quisling’s place OSLO
Raves angrily RAGES
Relative of 31-Down ENOS
Romantically lit AGLOW
Russell of Hollywood KURT
Self-evident statements TRUISMS
Separate APART
Shakespearean king LEAR
Shout over a dirty plate SAFE
Sit for a shoot POSE
Soldier’s helmet, slangy TINHAT
Sport on horseback POLO
Storm warning ALERT
Suffix with “velvet” EEN
Take five or ten REST
The late, great Aretha’s music SOUL
Tilling tools HOES
Tuskegee, for one (Abbr.) INST
Wait in the shadows LURK
Waterproofed canvas TARPAULIN
Wee barks YIPS
Worker’s anticipatory time FRIDAYAFTERNOON
Writers of poetry VERSERS

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