Universal – Sep 21 2018

Clues Answers
“Fire!” preceder AIM
“For what ___ worth …” ITS
“Let’s get going!” CMON
“Ugh” kin YUK
A tongue-in-cheek function? TASTE
Actor Keach STACY
Addition result SUM
Bamako’s locale MALI
Barber’s job HAIRCUT
Black European thrush OUSEL
Broadcasters and clotheslines AIRERS
Burn somewhat SEAR
Call a taxi HAIL
Calligrapher’s stuff INKS
Calls Jill Will, e.g ERRS
Car grille cover BRA
Chihuly, for one GLASSBLOWER
Chrome dome dude BALDY
Climb a rope SHIN
Climbed over, as a fence SCALED
Column type IONIC
Cunning SLY
Declaration of Independence VIPs SIGNERS
Depends (on) RELIES
Doctrines CREDOS
Dos Passos trilogy USA
Easter blooms LILIES
Easy toss LOB
Employ USE
Enter the competition VIE
Equine restraints REINS
Espies SPOTS
Except if UNLESS
Face-down PRONE
Farm machine SPREADER
Happy? Yes, but better ECSTATIC
Hockey surface ICE
Hot dog complement CHILI
In a piercing voice SHRILLY
Incurred RANUP
Issue a ticket CITE
Korean metropolis SEOUL
LAX info ETA
Let it all out CRY
Like peanuts, often SALTED
Like Shem’s descendants SEMITIC
Like some oxen YOKED
Like this puzzle’s theme words SHINY
Little hopper ROO
Mail carrier’s beat ROUTE
Many secs HRS
Mechanical window ORIEL
Mideast land OMAN
More down in the dumps MOPIER
More refined and polished URBANER
Mythical love god EROS
National anthem word OER
Noble domain BARONY
Notched, as a leaf EROSE
Nova ___ SCOTIA
P.I. kin TEC
Prop for Billy and Lucille? CRYSTALBALL
Reduces potatoes DICES
Round brilliant and pear shape DIAMONDCUTS
Sake go-with, sometimes SUSHI
Showy success ECLAT
Songs for one SOLI
Stagnant, gas-wise INERT
Streaked desserts MARBLECAKES
The present NOW
Threatening sound ROAR
Who Clay became ALI
Word with “se” PER
Work for Miss Daisy DRIVE

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