Universal – Sep 21 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“Heck yeah!” BOOYA
“Ready or ___ …” NOT
“Uh-uh” NAH
“Yes,” at sea AYE
“___ Maria” (Catholic prayer) AVE
15-20% of a bill, often TIP
Aconcagua’s mountain range ANDES
Actress Longoria EVA
Authorizes OKS
Bed frame piece SLAT
Before now EARLIER
Before surgery, briefly PREOP
Begrudge RESENT
Bird feeder tidbits SEEDS
Bleating sound BAA
Chew like a rat GNAW
Christmas gift givers? THEMAGI
Clearasil target ZIT
Cobblers’ punching tools AWLS
Corn unit EAR
Cotton in German, literally TREEWOOL
Crowing time DAWN
Down divisions, in football: Abbr YDS
DVD player error message NODISC
Egg cells OVA
Four-armed Hindu deity VISHNU
Fully mature GROWN
Give a ring PHONE
Give it a go TRY
Glove in German, literally HANDSHOE
Go or Sorry! GAME
Groups such as Generation Z COHORTS
Hair curl RINGLET
High regard ESTEEM
Hinge (on) DEPEND
Hippopotamus in German, literally RIVERHORSE
Historic chapter ERA
Increases UPS
Instrument in a Chinese temple GONG
Irish New Age singer ENYA
Jumping for joy ELATED
Knight’s title SIR
Little song DITTY
Longtime quarterback Manning ELI
Mars’ Greek counterpart ARES
Miner’s jackpot LODE
Mountain-climbing tool ROPE
Nickname seen in “has a look” SAL
Noodles that may be served cold SOBA
Not up to the job INEPT
Oil spill cleanup org EPA
Passover bread MATZO
Person who says 38-Across SAILOR
Polar feature ICECAP
Popular sandwich cookie OREO
Porcupine in German, literally SPIKEPIG
Prisoner’s room CELL
Provide a mortgage, say LEND
Pungent ACRID
Raccoon in German, literally WASHBEAR
Said aloud UTTERED
Sheds many tears WEEPS
Short, in a rap name LIL
Single-stranded genetic material RNA
Stray cats’ haunts ALLEYS
Suitable APT
Take off the bottle WEAN
That girl SHE
Theater attendant USHER
Trains, buses and so on TRANSIT
Vacuum in German, literally DUSTSUCKER
Water polo place POOL
Way to talk with your hands: Abbr ASL
What beats a heart? SPADE
Word after “puppy,” or feeling toward a puppy LOVE
___ out a living (scrapes by) EKES

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