Universal – Sep 22 2018

Clues Answers
“Aloha Oe” instrument UKE
“Bad” place in Germany EMS
“Excuse me …” AHEM
“Peter Pan” pirate HOOK
“Pocketful” bread? RYE
“W-h-a-t-t-t-t!” letters OMG
“What ___ doing?” AREYOU
Abhorrent ODIOUS
Aussie chicken alternative EMU
Backsliding one SINNER
Be bedridden AIL
Beat every time OWN
Bright-eyed ALERT
Certain facility MENSROOM
Chafing results SORES
Clark’s co-worker LOIS
Colleague PEER
Convenient sleeper ROLLAWAYBED
Cream of the crop ELITE
Creepy looker OGLER
Daddy duck DRAKE
Demonstrated on stage ACTEDOUT
Ear-related OTIC
Earlier, in 1550 ERE
Farmer’s field LEA
Finalized an agreement, perhaps SHOOK
Fours, as groups TETRADS
Frequent joke setting BAR
Goofs ERRS
Green party? TYRO
Groups of three TRINES
Hack off, as tree limbs LOP
Heady stuff THOUGHTS
Heavily spiced stew OLIO
Hebrides island SKYE
Hector NAG
Highest male singing voice ALTO
Hinny kin ASS
Impulses YENS
Is a dragon killer SLAYS
Juliet go-with ROMEO
Leave the union SECEDE
Like a striking snake COILED
Like many notebooks SPIRALBOUND
Like some peanuts UNSALTED
Lung filler AIR
Magnificent display ECLAT
Make a comeback TURNTHETIDE
Make do (with “out”) EKE
New Mexico tourist stop TAOS
Package securer TWINE
Quite serious SOLEMN
Regatta movers ROWERS
Ride the bench SIT
Rivendell residents ELVES
Room for cons CELL
Sci-fi characters ETS
Seeker’s target HIDER
Senior-based discrimination AGISM
Serb neighbor CROAT
Seven, one way VII
Shady area ARBOR
Singular 1-Across ELF
Some council members ELDERS
Stuffed with beef fat SUETY
Tentacled gastropod SEAHARE
The 48 in a cup (Abbr.) TSP
Three-note chord TRIAD
Three-part cookies OREOS
Ukraine-to-Iran dir ESE
Vista VIEW
Wavy-patterned fabric MOIRE
Word with “kiddie” LIT
Work stints ending at midnight SWINGSHIFTS
___ Alamos LOS
___ Moines DES

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