Universal – Sep 22 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“Captain America: ___ War” CIVIL
“I can’t believe ‘Legally Blonde’ came out over 20 years ago!” IMOLD
“I” problems? EGOS
“I’ll only say this ___ …” ONCE
“It’s not your turn!” WAIT
“Please stay!” DONTGO
“Say ___ to the Dress” YES
“Tomorrow” musical ANNIE
“Yay, the weekend!” TGIF
A Jedi master he is YODA
Adds to the family ADOPTS
Animal on Michigan’s flag ELK
Apple ___ (Venmo alternative) PAY
Back to the Future Day mo OCT
Belly button type INNIE
Bipod feature LEG
Brother from another mother, perhaps (in this answer, see letters 4-7, minus letter 5) HALFSIBLING
Cellos’ neighbors VIOLAS
Certain browser (letters 6-13, minus 7) WINDOWSHOPPER
Certain pet rodent RAT
Corvette color in a Prince song RED
Deck with Wands and Pentacles TAROT
Dev of “Slumdog Millionaire” PATEL
Dover’s state: Abbr DEL
Droop SAG
Eye problems STYES
Famous lab assistant IGOR
Felt yesterday’s workout ACHED
Fill-in worker TEMP
Film snippet CLIP
Free (of) RID
Golfer’s try to break it PAR
Goopy hair products GELS
Grandma NANA
Greeting before “Como estas?” HOLA
In the know AWARE
In this spot HERE
Inquires ASKS
Instruct TEACH
Item in the Recycle Bin FILE
K-pop or bebop, e.g GENRE
Kind ILK
Like marijuana in some states LEGAL
Like the game mah-jongg CHINESE
Little pest GNAT
Major golf tournament USOPEN
Mammoth features TUSKS
Many moons ___ AGO
More crafty SLYER
Mr. Fantastic’s first name REED
MTV show with tours of celebrity homes CRIBS
Name that means “sun” in Sanskrit RAVI
Of a cultural group ETHNIC
One may provide aerial footage DRONE
One of the “Pac-Man” ghosts INKY
Overnight stop INN
Piece of celery STALK
Pig in “Sing” ROSITA
Prepares to hit a cue ball AIMS
Sneakiness STEALTH
Stick around STAY
Stiletto, e.g HEEL
Theme park annoyances LONGLINES
They’re read in tasseography (letters 1-5, minus 2) TEALEAVES
Toy that hurts to step on LEGO
Tzatziki and hummus, e.g DIPS
Urban of “The Boys” KARL
Venues where some play the Blues? (letters 9-13, minus 12) ICEHOCKEYARENAS
Wonder Woman’s headpiece TIARA
Zoom founder Yuan ERIC
___ point (center of activity) FOCAL

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