Universal – Sep 23 2018

Clues Answers
“Messiah,” e.g ORATORIO
“Of course I will” SURE
“Sell” anagram ELLS
“We ___ People” THE
“___ on the line” LAYIT
37-Across kin NEST
Anjou item PEAR
Armada FLEET
Bakery’s cookie unit BATCH
Banish EXILE
Bar mitzvah VIP RABBI
Big name in jeans LEVI
Bit in a horse’s mouth? OAT
Bleachers SEATS
Chapeau HAT
Close to identical PRETTYMUCHALIKE
Clumsy one OAF
Coatrack projections PEGS
Colorful aquarium fish OPAH
Continental divide OCEAN
Cut off a syllable ELIDE
Djibouti gulf ADEN
Drawn-out substance EDUCT
Dueling weapon FOIL
Encourage URGE
Fall tools RAKES
Foot parts INSTEPS
From the top ANEW
Glimpses SEES
Good thing to master FINEARTOFLIVING
Guitar predecessor LUTE
Harvestable RIPE
Hawk’s home AERIE
Irritate greatly RILE
Is bigger than OUTSIZES
It’s a moneymaker MINT
Jumping ones LEAPERS
Kills, in mob slang OFFS
Kinda sobbing WEEPY
Lawmaker’s no vote NAY
Like Susan under a counter? LAZY
Locales SITES
Luxurious POSH
Mag cover frequenters BEAUTIFULPEOPLE
Merchandise WARES
Montana city HELENA
Nerve fiber process AXON
Open a huge cage UNBAR
Opera highlight ARIA
Part of a ladder STEP
Penultimate Greek letter PSI
Perfume feature SCENT
Petty mood SNIT
Pie ___ mode ALA
Plunder kin BOOTY
Poker variety STUD
Pool’s far-end feature DEEPNESS
Post-USSR alliance CIS
Purplish flower LILAC
See eye-to-eye AGREE
Senate stretch TERM
Served a winner ACED
Some rope fibers HEMPS
Some shirts TEES
Steamed rice dish PILAF
Stuff completely SATE
Stuff to inhale AIR
Suffix with “song” or “lobster” FEST
Tarzan, for one APEMAN
Tennessee state flower IRIS
Tree liquid SAP
U.S. national flower ROSE
Uses a Singer SEWS
Walk with pain LIMP
What attractions attract TOURISTS
What engines can do PURR

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