Universal – Sep 24 2018

Clues Answers
“My God, yes!” AMEN
’50s dance event HOP
A perfect 10 IDEAL
Acting with wisdom WELLADVISED
Actress Longoria EVA
Admit sternly AVOW
Apple section CORE
Baseball cover COWHIDE
Bath and Epsom SALTS
Be a vendor SELL
Big name in silverware ONEIDA
Birch relative ALDER
Bitter tasting ACERB
Blender sound WHIR
Ceases HALTS
Colin Farrell’s home country ERIN
Common input DATA
Damage MAR
Decorate anew REDO
Defunct airline TWA
Denpasar’s locale BALI
Ending for the very best EST
English horn insert REED
Expresses deep sadness SOBS
Freeway-to-road links EXITS
Geraint’s beloved ENID
Go first BEGIN
Hard-up for cash NEEDY
Having distinct features WELLDEFINED
High dudgeon IRE
Hoarfrost kin RIME
Hot dog spread CHILI
Hymn accompaniment ORGAN
Imitated APED
Insane MAD
Is in the red OWES
Languish ROT
Like a room with no ceiling AIRY
Like feet in karate class BARE
Long things for underdogs ODDS
Make batter STIR
Male possessive HIS
Mind-boggling time spans EONS
Mosque official IMAM
Not as good WORSE
One spot for the masses? APSE
Overly embellished ORNATE
Pelvis HIP
Persistent aggravation HARASSMENT
Pinball violation TILT
Polite term of address MAAM
Quality of strong cheeses ODOR
Rae in a film NORMA
Remove permanently DELETE
Rewrite clues, e.g EDIT
Road restriction SPEEDLIMIT
Rosemary or oregano HERB
Sharpen HONE
Slick with a reply GLIB
Specially made CUSTOM
Stand for roasts DAIS
Swarmed TEEMED
Tension UNEASE
They get loaded at Fenway BASES
Toothpicked garnish OLIVE
Vestigial thing WING
Water whirl EDDY
Whence tequila AGAVE
Whiskey variety RYE
Wicked doing SIN
With a neat appearance WELLGROOMED
Word of the past WAS
Yearned in a forest? PINED
Zinc ___ OXIDE
___ of this earth NOT
___ point (hub) FOCAL

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