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Universal – Sep 25 2018

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Clues Answers
“Keep your eyes on me, but …” DONTLOOKNOW
“May I have everyone’s attention!” NOWHEARTHIS
“Merry Widow” composer Franz LEHAR
“Never heard of her” WHO
“___ Maria” (hymn) AVE
A lot of Mali SAHARA
App purchasers USERS
Apple de-seeder CORER
Avis’ laying? OVA
Boston campus TUFTS
British heavy weight TONNE
Building add-on ELL
Clever comedian WIT
Cold-shoulder SPURN
Completely healed ALLRIGHTNOW
Consequences alternative? TRUTH
Cowboy’s farewell ADIOS
Darn anew REMEND
Determine, as a solution GETAT
Dumbbell DUNCE
Enters, as data PUTSIN
Facial feature CHIN
Flowery scent LILAC
Forest foragers ELKS
Four-poster drape CANOPY
French philosopher Jean-Paul SARTRE
French silk town (var.) LYONS
From time to time NOWANDAGAIN
Game guidelines RULES
Gas number OCTANE
Give someone the business? REFER
Hauling charges TOWAGES
Hotel alternative INN
Huge beverage server URN
Initial stage OUTSET
Insignificantly small NOMINAL
John Doe, commonly ANONYM
Latin American plain LLANO
Like lambs OVINE
Masters of meters POETS
More withered SERER
Muddlement SNAFU
Naval pronoun SHE
Neutral hue TAN
Number of bulbs? WATTS
Painful spots SORES
Preliminary plans SCHEMAS
Provider of food GROCER
Rare intriguing object CURIO
Resurfaces, in a way TARS
Small pit in the retina FOVEA
Some 37-Across backers ALUMS
Some beach shelters CABANAS
Some campus people COEDS
Stocker of stockings HOSIER
Successful marketers SELLERS
Supreme Court name ROBERTS
Swimming or floating NATANT
Swipes GLOMS
Teamwork deterrents EGOS
Theme and when do we want it? NOW
They are among the stars PLANETS
Thing on many trains BERTH
Throw in ADD
Tiny sap sucker APHID
Toyota vehicle line SCION
Trailer of “let” and “be” BYGONES
Two of a kind DUO
What his wife called Attila? HUN
With 63-Across, “There, there” kin NOW
Word with “common” SENSE
Word with “only money” ITS
___ de Janeiro RIO