Universal – Sep 26 2018

Clues Answers
“The Tao of Pooh” writer HOFF
“What ___ can I do?” ELSE
“___ have to wait” ITLL
“___ here” (order request) SAME
Actress Jessica ALBA
Addams cousin ITT
At a later date, super old ANON
Avg. size REG
Back in the water? AFT
Backless couch DIVAN
Bad way to be caught UNAWARES
Band leader Puente TITO
Biscotti flavor source ANISEED
Bit of progress STEP
Brown relative ECRU
Cain’s brother ABEL
Cash dispenser ATM
CAT scan units RADS
Categories or ilks TYPES
Champagne choice BRUT
Conspiracy theory vehicle UFO
Cookbook writer Rombauer IRMA
Cottontail relatives HARES
Deception RUSE
Do more than just tri? TETRA
Droplet on a bib SPITTLE
Emulates bulls SNORTS
Fire engine attachment LADDER
Floating on the Caribbean ASEA
Hard-to-control desire URGE
Has a sample TASTES
Has dinner SUPS
Immoral act SIN
In the know about HIPTO
Indian state ASSAM
Jane of Thornfield Hall EYRE
Just beats NIPS
Knee-high to a grasshopper SMALL
Like prank candles RELIT
Like Teslas GASLESS
Make weak ENFEEBLE
Mess-hall dish HASH
Name-change indicator NEE
One of two on Thanksgiving TURKEYDRUMSTICK
Peacock network NBC
Perturb IRK
Pet sound MEOW
Pound or smash BASH
Proofreader’s save STET
Pub potable STOUT
Rugged crest ARETE
Sail supports MASTS
Senators play there OTTAWA
Send forth EMIT
Shipwreck site REEF
Sign of late summer VIRGO
Singular of 47-Across DATUM
Slightly off-center ASKEW
Start of a conclusion ERGO
Still-life piece EWER
Strong shark MAKO
Stuff fed to a PC DATA
Surgeon’s instrument STYLET
Theater feature STAGE
Three-hand card game SKAT
Title word, often THE
Toughen, as to hardship INURE
Type of pond or pad LILY
Ville of horror? AMITY
Wad builders ONES
Whipping upraising WELT
Yuletide warblings NOELS
___ the line (obeyed) TOED

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