Universal – Sep 27 2018

Clues Answers
“Julius Caesar” robe TOGA
“___ each life …” INTO
’90s Beck hit LOSER
Aberdeen girl LASS
Act over-the-top EMOTE
Ankle bones TARSI
Apple chore CORING
Army bugs? ANTS
Australian bird EMU
Band in “The Mikado”? OBI
Beautiful feature of 56-Down FOLIAGE
Beer bash necessity KEG
British man CHAP
Chimney shaft FLUE
Churchgoers with pipes CHOIR
Clog relative SABOT
Close sharply SLAM
Collector’s goals SETS
Composition for 16-Across CANTATA
Cucumber kin GOURD
Dispatched SENT
Door attachment KNOB
Duplicate COPY
Easy shooting distance POINTBLANKRANGE
Extremely small amounts IOTAS
Fake out FEIGN
Firecracker sound BANG
Food on the dusty trail CHOW
Group of brains MENSA
Hard-to-read signature SCRAWL
Is an actor in poker BLUFFS
Japanese pond creature KOI
Jazz legend Jackson MILT
Land in the ocean ISLE
Like greasy food OILY
Loud cries SOBS
Lover of self-interest EGOIST
Medicinal plant SENNA
Mixture OLIO
Most highly strung EDGIEST
Nabisco treat OREO
Norwegian capital OSLO
Not them or me YOU
One handing you a ticket stub TEARER
Online entity DOTCOM
Paris movie CINE
Place to detail financial woes BANKRUPTCYCOURT
Port position LEFT
Pre-fixes? RIGS
Provider of tasty claws ALASKANKINGCRAB
Range place HOME
Returning sound ECHO
Runs easily LOPES
Salt provider SHAKER
Shrimp ___ Creole ALA
Successfully trip FALL
Summer residence COTTAGE
Superb rating AONE
Symphony tuner OBOE
Tabloid subject UFO
Talkative bird MYNAH
Thing to fill out FORM
Things that change every 365 days AGES
Threat to a liner FLOE
Three-syllable foot ANAPEST
Tightly twisted thread LISLE
Twins in no comment? EMS
Type of Roman wrestling? GRECO
Upbeat little ditty LILT
Wear away ERODE
Web company YAHOO
Winter wrap SCARF
Words after “hang” or “glom” ONTO
Words with in “no time” ATALL
Working on one’s muscles TONING
Worry and worry FRET

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