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Universal – Sep 28 2018

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Clues Answers
“As a result …” ERGO
“Clair de ___” LUNE
“Say what?” HUH
“___ and the City” SEX
“___ of Dogs” ISLE
Adrift between continents ASEA
Always, in Shakespeare EER
Any ABBA member SWEDE
Atomic centers NUCLEI
Attire, informally TOGS
Australian fowl EMU
Belt type GARTER
Bird pouch near the throat CRAW
Bobcat kin OCELOT
Book unit PAGE
Canal near Canada ERIE
Cardboard type CORRUGATED
Caught in a trap ENSNARED
Cookout spot PATIO
Crying proof TEARS
Dada co-founder ARP
Devotional coverings? PRAYERRUGS
Editor’s leave it STET
Egg of ancient Rome OVUM
Former Italian currency LIRE
Former Steelers coach NOLL
Friendly type? USER
Genesis garden EDEN
Georgetown is its capital GUYANA
Good plot size ACRE
Goon squad member THUG
Guessed incorrectly ERRED
Guy with over and out? ROGER
High or low card ACE
High-protein beans SOYS
Huge African antelope ORYX
Infamous musical emperor NERO
Less ready to pick UNRIPER
Little bell’s sound TING
Little water spin EDDY
Living room piece DIVAN
Long-legged shore bird EGRET
Makes an A an A-plus REGRADES
Makes uneasy PERTURBS
Marry inexpensively ELOPE
Ominous sign AUGURY
One proposal response YES
Permit granters ISSUERS
Pi-sigma link RHO
Place for hens COOP
Play charades MIME
Popular November side YAMS
Powdery residue ASH
Powerful adhesive EPOXY
Prefix with “bodies” ANTI
Reach emotionally GETTO
Really old T REX
Region AREA
Relative of “What?!” EGAD
River Shannon locale EIRE
Rough sport in some U.K. schools GIRLSRUGBY
Sana’a citizen YEMENI
Scythe stuff up REAP
Secret love affair AMOUR
Smooth tomato puree PASSATA
Soaked WET
Spread about the ground SOWN
Stuffs one’s gut ENGORGES
Tense sports score TIE
Thaw a windshield DEICE
They’re pharmaceutical DRUGSTORES
Things counted in gyms REPS
This crossword’s cover-up RUG
Toothpaste container TUBE
Unoriginal and boring BANAL
Wilder of comedies GENE
Zeus’ wife HERA