Universal – Sep 28 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“Bad Moon Rising” band, briefly CCR
“Dragon Ball Z” genre ANIME
“It’s a joke!” IKID
“Ransom” co-star Russo RENE
100 cents in Spain EURO
Adopted son of Claudius NERO
Antlered animal ELK
Append ADD
Artist Matisse HENRI
Baby carrier? EGG
Back with funding ENDOW
Ball in a socket? EYE
Barely beats EDGES
Be a busybody MEDDLE
Breezed through, as a test ACED
Browning work? TAN
Brush with the law RUNIN
Camper’s light LANTERN
CBS franchise with a Vegas sequel CSI
Charge less than UNDERCUT
Charged, in chemistry IONIC
Clam or corn dish CHOWDER
Country in which all autos are scarlet? REDCARNATION
Defib experts EMTS
Disability benefits org SSA
End of a Penn email address EDU
Enthusiasm GUSTO
Exclamation that encourages questions ASKAWAY
Full of calories RICH
Furbys or Beanie Babies, once FAD
Got bigger GREW
Heads-up ALERT
Hill’s opposite DALE
Homeric epic ILIAD
Inner workings of a bygone GM vehicle? OLDSCORE
Its license plates say “Famous potatoes” IDAHO
Jrs.’ dads SRS
Like a sharp wit BITING
Like some mushrooms EDIBLE
Live, in a TV studio ONAIR
Longest river solely in France LOIRE
More mean NASTIER
Name hidden in “that’s all” SAL
No-___-land MANS
Not wanted UNWELCOME
One may be on a hog BIKER
One of the Kennedys TED
One way to spell an Asian gambling center MACAU
Opportunity to accompany a trooper RIDEALONG
Oral health org ADA
Plant transplant GRAFT
Plays a round on the links GOLFS
Provide sporty trucks for free? COMPUTES
Reflex-test joint KNEE
Rental agreement for a certain convertible? HARDTOPLEASE
Score such as 1-1 TIE
Slice or dice CHOP
Slowly diminish TAPEROFF
Slump SAG
Spiced tea CHAI
Stylists’ shop SALON
Surgery sites, for short ORS
Tail motions WAGS
Takes one’s turn GOES
Trucker’s compartment CAB
Was in debt OWED
Word before “your breath” or “your tongue” HOLD
Word within “I’m a Muslim leader” IMAM
Wrap up END
___ salts EPSOM

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