Universal – Sep 29 2018

Clues Answers
“How ___ can I do it?” ELSE
“Well, lah-di-___” DAH
393.70 inches, metric DECAMETER
43-Across under your racket ACE
Actress de Rossi PORTIA
Almost half of ninety-nine? ENS
Beamed surgically LASED
Before, old ERE
Breakfast topping SYRUP
Conceal, as a gift WRAP
DIY assignment, maybe REDO
Dog diagnoser VET
Elm or oak TREE
Embarrassment SHAME
Explorer de Leon PONCE
Farsi-speaking land IRAN
From-the-past style, now RETRO
Fungal “seed” SPORE
Future viewer? SEER
Have an unbalanced balance OWE
Hawaiian greeting ALOHA
Hieroglyphic reptiles ASPS
Hymnal’s relative PSALTER
Inane one TWIT
Large amounts SLEWS
Like a clumsy boater WET
Like a kid in 80 years OLD
Like circus animals TAME
Like lots with lots of green LUSH
Made heady highlights DYED
Makes a move ACTS
Mil. class at college ROTC
More in pain SORER
Nave crosser TRANSEPT
Off-kilter AWRY
One NFL team’s logo STAR
Place for fishing LAKE
Place in Congress SEAT
Planets and spheres ORBS
Poetic tributes ODES
Presley was one for some IDOL
Raise trivial objections CAVIL
Road safety item SPARETIRE
Rocks to refine ORES
Sacred scroll TORAH
Sherpas’ language NEPALI
Shoelace difficulty KNOT
Sketchy summary SYNOPSIS
Sleeping problem APNEA
Slide uncontrollably SKID
Slithery fishes EELS
Small bill ONE
Small salmon COHO
Sported WORE
Stay in yours when driving LANE
Stick in one’s ____ CRAW
Stress-free life EASE
Summit goals, often PACTS
Sunday TV show talkers POLS
Super-smart group MENSA
That thing’s ITS
Thing on a smartphone APP
Try to break love SERVE
Type of drum KETTLE
Uber-trendy urbanite HIPSTER
Warning color RED
Went down SUNK
What two could do DUET
Wife of a rajah RANI
Wine vat waste LEES
Witch doctor kin SHAMAN
Word said while pointing THERE
You can still get up (Part 3) CONVERTTOSTAIRS

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