Universal – Sep 3 2018

Clues Answers
“48 ___” (film) HRS
“Exit to ___” (Aykroyd film”) EDEN
24-___ gold KARAT
Able to be got? UNDERSTANDABLE
Attach at the end ADDON
Battled in competition VIED
Be inaccurate ERR
Beef casing DERMA
Bills in flight NEBS
Boxer Mike TYSON
British royal ANNE
Castle’s circler MOAT
Coming behind AFTER
Concept IDEA
Concert take GATE
Cover, as a sofa DRAPE
Drab color OLIVE
Earthy shade SIENNA
Electrify AWE
English county ESSEX
Fleur-de-___ LIS
Get exhausted TIRE
Governs RULES
He’s doll-faced KEN
Jack the TV cop WEBB
Long, white linen robe ALB
Maneuverable on water YARE
Meal crumb ORT
Mrs. in Avila DONA
Named earlier, in contracts ABOVEMENTIONED
Old war story ILIAD
Pennsylvania port ERIE
Rude plus INSOLENT
Send off EMIT
Separated, as paper TORE
They’re for the tallest of five CENTERPOSITIONS
Throng HOST
Time for a commercial? MINUTE
Tropical fruit KIWI
With fat removed LEAN
Work away TOIL

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