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Universal – Sep 3 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“I knew it was you!” OHO
“Lemonade” artist BEYONCE
“Strange Magic” grp ELO
“___ Ways” (Santana hit) EVIL
16th-century council site TRENT
Ad ___ committee HOC
Archangel who defeated Satan in heaven MICHAEL
Arterial inserts STENTS
Attack on all sides BESET
Barbecue site PATIO
Big deals for companies MERGERS
Big name in roof racks THULE
Brew in a teapot STEEP
Comic’s bit GAG
Commuter’s destination, maybe SUBURBS
Comparable (to) AKIN
Cravings URGES
Earth Day mo APR
Easy throw TOSS
Envision IMAGINE
Fast flightless bird EMU
First mother EVE
Flying off the shelves, so to speak HOT
French friend AMIE
G.I. chow MRE
Go along the lines of? TRACE
Goof ERR
Greediness AVARICE
Hair coloring DYE
Hair stiffeners GELS
Like close friends TIGHT
Many of a vet’s patients PETS
Massage sound AHH
Minimally ATLEAST
Nonviolent protest SITIN
Not even tipsy SOBER
One of 2.2 million in Yellowstone ACRE
One of the deadly sins ENVY
One with freckles, often REDHEAD
Originally named NEE
Paralyzing fear TERROR
Passover meal SEDER
PED ___ (road sign) XING
Pickup truck make RAM
Pig’s place, metaphorically POKE
Pump option REGULAR
Quay employee STEVEDORE
Remainder REST
River that flows through Germany RHINE
Saintly trait PIETY
Shower cleaner? SHAMPOO
Skeptical question WASIT
Spheres ORBS
Spider egg pouches SACS
Tesla CEO Musk ELON
They often involve counting calories DIETS
They pop into your head IDEAS
Thomas ___ Edison ALVA
Tools used with mortars PESTLES
Tractor surname DEERE
Universal devices TVREMOTES
Unlike a rainforest’s climate ARID
Uses a hoe, maybe WEEDS
Utter SAY
What makes fat fast? ESS
Whoppers LIES
Windy City trains ELS
With letters 2 to 4, karate or jujitsu MARTIAL
With letters 4 to 6, antepenultimate driving place for many a golfer SIXTEENTH
With letters 4 to 6, Hefty purchase GARBAGE
With letters 5 to 7, maze runner LABORATORY
With letters 7 to 9, some special agents GOVERNMENT
Word with “blanket” or “suit” WET
___ out (get too scared) WIMP