Universal – Sep 3 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“Chef” actress Vergara SOFIA
“Get me out of here!” SOS
“High Fidelity” actress Kravitz ZOE
“I’ll be right there!” JUSTAMINUTE
“No ___, ands or buts!” IFS
“Oh, hey, sleepyhead!” YOUREUP
“Royalty” at many gay clubs DRAGQUEENS
“Serial” genre TRUECRIME
“Since you mentioned it …” ABOUTTHAT
“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” protagonist Crane ICHABOD
Actor Smith who played The Doctor MATT
Alternative to sugaring NAIR
Animal bred to hunt rabbits FERRET
Animals that might have their own Instagram accounts PETS
Apt rhyme for “jam” CRAM
Artist Salvador who designed the Chupa Chups logo DALI
Ave. crossers STS
Beastly monster OGRE
Beyonce’s alter ego SASHAFIERCE
Birdbath gunk SCUM
Catan or chess, e.g GAME
Cinderella’s helpers MICE
City with the world’s busiest airport: Abbr ATL
College administrator DEAN
Creative way to change your mind? ARTTHERAPY
Dog collar attachments IDTAGS
Donkey’s sound HEEHAW
Egyptian snakes ASPS
Feature of slasher films GORE
Fill completely SATE
Game you’re likely to lose LOTTO
Get snuggly NESTLE
Greatest UTMOST
Grilled corn served with cotija ELOTE
Hairstyle that can take twelve hours to do MICROBRAIDS
Help with a crime ABET
Honking birds GEESE
Karaoke bar needs MICS
Kati rolls and burritos, e.g WRAPS
Lightning McQueen, e.g CAR
Like JLo and Ben Affleck, as of July 2022 WED
Like ramen but not gazpacho HOT
Like rococo architecture ORNATE
Michelin Man makeup TIRES
November birthstone TOPAZ
Parasite used in early medical procedures LEECH
Phone number part AREACODE
Pickleball dividers NETS
Pupusa dough MASA
Ran out of battery DIED
Reactionary field? CHEMISTRY
Sampled TASTED
School period where you might play cone ball PECLASS
Shriek of fear EEK
Shriek of pain YOW
Singles ONES
Snoopy’s alias when wearing sunglasses JOECOOL
Storage boxes BINS
Tennis star Raducanu EMMA
Top worn in 11-Down TSHIRT
Turn into a musical, say ADAPT
When doubled, an African chili sauce PERI
Witty remark QUIP
Work similar to a sung-through musical OPERA
___ diet (certain keto plan) NOCARB
___ shows (performances by some Black sororities) STEP

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