Universal – Sep 30 2018

Clues Answers
“Inferno” writer DANTE
0 degrees long. setting GST
Absolutely had to have NEEDED
Adjective for heroes SUPER
Any assistant HELPER
Averse (to) LOATH
Ban from practicing law DEBAR
Barely beats NIPS
Baseball gaffe ERROR
Bay window type ORIEL
Becomes milder RELENTS
Bee’s platform, sometimes PETAL
Bio class letters RNA
Bridal name-change word NEE
Bridge distances SPANS
Broadcasting device RADIO
Cautioned WARNED
Certain bone TIBIA
Chem class room LAB
Coffee swisher STIRRER
Conceals, as a magician PALMS
Conceded or permitted ALLOWED
Dinner theater cast in November? FALLPLAYERS
Eisenhower, informally IKE
Engraved monument STELE
Extraordinary STELLAR
Gills kin LUNGS
Granter of wishes GENIE
Grease gun relative OILCAN
Grp. featuring objectors? ABA
Hard rain? SLEET
Hat or canal PANAMA
Have to, in slang GOTTA
Historical period ERA
Impressive display PANOPLY
In the alley with shoe lifts? BOWLINGTALL
Indebted OWING
Infamous soul seller FAUST
Involving the stars ASTRAL
June phrase, for many IDO
Like an oft-recited rule GOLDEN
Like Sherlock’s game AFOOT
Like woodwind instruments REEDY
Linked computers acronym LAN
Mineo of filmdom SAL
Mysterious craft UFO
Not anti FOR
Not in the past or future NOW
Permeate IMBRUE
Persian Gulf emirate DUBAI
Playground apparatuses SEESAWS
Pool hall staple TABLE
Promotional overkill HYPE
Rapunzel’s many TRESSES
Rouses from slumber WAKES
Samantha of filmdom EGGAR
Shopping binge SPREE
Single-___ organism CELLED
Sock away STASH
Spam container EMAIL
Statue-loving creature PIGEON
Stop being so bold and impudent? DROPTHEGALL
Truth decay unit? LIE
Type of insurance DENTAL
Uses a sense HEARS
What an online store seeks ORDERER
What hummingbirds do FLIT
You-here link ARE
Zero-making button RESET
Zilch relative NIL

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