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Universal – Sep 4 2018

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Clues Answers
“Cheers” barfly NORM
“___ my love a cherry” IGAVE
A-one cards ACES
Alongside WITH
Ambulance destinations ERS
Any poisonous snake VENOMOUSREPTILE
Arrive at (with “to”) COME
Avoid intentionally OMIT
Aye’s u-turn NAY
Be censored? SWEAR
Be shy? OWE
Beer blast feature KEG
Big name in oil HESS
BLT ingredient MAYO
Boot tip TOECAP
Carried out a check fraud KITED
Clodhopper OAF
Common TV rooms DENS
Contract features TERMS
Cowboy boot add-on SPUR
Cultivated farmland TILTH
Dangerous race type ARMS
Destructive emotion HATE
Drink cooler ICE
Dwayne Johnson’s nickname (with “The”) ROCK
Eighth of 26 AITCH
Electric car maker TESLA
Embryo’s position FETAL
Feed, as a fire STOKE
From a fresh start ANEW
Good, as an objection VALID
Hippy Hilo dances HULAS
Historical time frames ERAS
Ignored some syllables ELIDED
Individual performances SOLI
Is a vacuum SUCKS
It gets muddied up DOORMAT
It has a tread STAIR
Italian mountains ALPS
Judge at work HEARER
King-ly menu word ALA
Longish written piece ESSAY
Lose energy TIRE
Maximally ATMOST
Montana capital HELENA
Moore of films DEMI
New York City island ELLIS
Oahu feast LUAU
On the ball AWARE
Outdoor machinery problem RUST
Pirelli supporter RIM
Place for a large lock CANAL
Post-crawlers TOTS
Rove (with “about”) GAD
Run easily LOPE
Russian industrial city OMSK
Solemn promise VOW
Sporting romp ROUT
Stereotypical witch OLDWOMAN
Surviving male spouse WIDOWER
Take stripes away DEMOTE
Tartan wearers CLAN
Trial worker STENO
Wannabe’s tape DEMO
Way-old ruler TSAR
Wet main OCEAN
What less is, in a saying MORE
What many do nightly PRAY
Window framework SASH
Wok up? SAUTE
Word with “thin air” INTO
Words with “get” or “step” ONIT