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Universal – Sep 4 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

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Clues Answers
“Bingo!” AHA
“Comp” or “poli” follower SCI
“Gross!” EWW
“It ___ been easy” HASNT
“Norwegian Wood” instrument SITAR
*Flexible fee format (… letter 2) SLINGSCALE
*Line about 23 degrees south of the equator (look down after reading letter 9) TROPICOFCRICORN
*Numbers’ place (… letter 7) OLDTESTENT
A Musketeer ATHOS
Atlas enlargement INSET
Attacked from the air STRAFED
Be a busybody SNOOP
Blog feed letters RSS
Bright aquarium fish BETTA
Cake with a hazelnut variety TORTE
Call, as a game REF
Care deeply about VALUE
Chick’s mother HEN
Circumvent EVADE
Citrus drink suffixes ADES
Confessed, with “up” OWNED
Do the Wright thing? AVIATE
Egg cells OVA
Everyday PLAIN
Fighting fleet ARMADA
Florida city by a bay TAMPA
Footwear for Alina Zagitova or Michelle Kwan ICESKATES
Fruit punch brand HIC
German wine valley RHINE
H+ or Cl- ION
Halo, e.g AURA
He-Man’s twin sister SHERA
Island such as Bikini ATOLL
John, Paul and George: Abbr STS
Junk email SPAM
Kind of bean that’s shaped like an organ KIDNEY
Life partner? DEATH
Like the White Rabbit LATE
Lop-___ rabbit EARED
Moody music genre EMO
More fitting APTER
Most curious ODDEST
Most recent NEWEST
No longer in DATED
One may have pink feathers BOA
Org. that seizes kilos DEA
Other, in Ecuador OTRA
Out ___ limb ONA
Passage for a sermon TEXT
Photo PIC
Pilot’s guess, briefly ETA
Praiseful poem ODE
Pretentiously creative ARTSY
Reindeer in “Frozen” SVEN
Relaxing soak BATH
Scared of public speaking, perhaps SHY
Shelter around a tenant? TENT
Showing pleasure SMILING
Silent actors? MIMES
Songwriters’ rights org ASCAP
Squirrels climb them TREES
Subj. concerned with biodiversity ECOL
Superman enemy Luthor LEX
Surfing need WAVE
Tic-toe connector TAC
Tiebreaker periods, briefly OTS
Touch on the back PAT
Treated maliciously SPITED
Up, in baseball ATBAT
Wait-listed passenger STANDBY
Without warning, and where the starred answers get tricky ATTHEDROPOFAHAT
World capital with many onion domes MOSCOW
___ deck (place for a pool) LIDO
___ King Cole NAT