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Universal – Sep 5 2018

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Clues Answers
“Bill and ___ Bogus Journey” TEDS
“Mea” follower CULPA
“TESTING, TESTing, testing,” e.g ECHO
“The Art of Love” poet OVID
Adit user MINER
Barn bird OWL
Be a majority voter ELECT
Become hardened to INURE
Buffy and peers SLAYERS
Car financing abbr APR
Ceremonial fire PYRE
Cold-porridge bear MAMA
Crones and hags BELDAMS
Decipher grocery info SCAN
Defunct NBA rival ABA
Demonstrate, in the Bible SHEW
Depletes SAPS
Description of rustic life (var.) IDYL
Easy jog LOPE
Egg producers OVARIES
Eight as one OCTAD
English horn need REED
Feathers on shoulders BOAS
Feel poorly AIL
Flow in a circle EDDY
Former amateur PRO
Former Chevy competitor, briefly OLDS
Gardner or Sangster AVA
Genetic identifier DNA
Hautboy predecessor SHAWM
Hoped-for Christmas stuff SNOW
Instant lawn unit SOD
Isn’t caught up LAGS
It’s all tied up LACE
Kon-Tiki wood BALSA
Lee J. and Ty COBBS
Logical phrase word ERGO
Look ___ (study) INTO
Maritime greeting AHOY
Mouth organ? UVULA
Mucky home STY
Not hold on to SELL
Noted grape region NAPA
Offered, as a farewell BADE
One seeing it like it is REALIST
Performers of drudgery PEONS
Placement test? FINAL
Potato state IDAHO
Prefix with “centric” EGO
Prepare a galley TYPESET
Psychedelic excursions? TRIPS
Rare moon color BLUE
Refinery residue SLAG
Resting on the roof, e.g ATOP
See bets CALL
Share an edge with ABUT
Shopping indulgences SPREES
Simple basket LAYUP
Sitting place CHAIR
Slangy gossip DIRT
Snap-py time MOMENT
Some voice votes AYES
Something kept in reserve? OIL
Stop while floating? AVAST
Strong craving URGE
Super enthusiastic AVID
Talk a lot GAB
Toss in ADDTO
Truth twisters FIBS
Variety show opener INTRO
Very long film EPIC
Way to get out of jail ESCAPE
Why products are not restocked BUYERRESISTANCE
Why products are restocked BYPOPULARDEMAND
With wings ALATED
Words said every day HELLOANDGOODBYE
You can brush it off HAIR
Yucky food GLOP